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Found 1 result

  1. ktm841

    1j / 2j Ignition Coil amp draw?

    So I am rewiring my whole x8, it has a 1j with stock Ignition Coils. The circuit will be switched to manually complete the coil circuit. I am trying to find out how many amps all 6 coils will draw. After doing some research, I have found that calcuting the amps drawn off of an ignition coil is fairly complicated (you have to know dwell, capacitor ratings, peak voltage, resistance changes, etc)... I don't have any of the equipment or knowledge to do that. I know they are ran through the AM2 30a fuse if you swap into an mx83, obvisouly that fuse is setup for a stock 7m not sure what a jzx has but I do know that the AM2 30a is capable of running everything considering it doesn't blow so..... Need opinions on this theory. I am using 14.5 volts on this as higher voltage = higher amp draw. AM2 30a powers: -Injectors. my stock 1j 350's averaged 13.5ohms = 1 amp x6 = 6amps -15a EFI fuse = Not sure everything that this powers but fuel pump, o2, and ECU. but its rated 15a so = 15a -7.5 IGN fuse = +12v ecu, = 7.5a That gives me 28.5 amps, not much room left for the coils. Obivoulsy the EFI and IGN fuses aren't going to be pulling that much current, so lets say 5 and 10, thats still only 9amps for coils... So based on this theory than can't pull more than 10 amps right?