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Found 1 result

  1. jah_fyah

    Mounting 2jz into MX83

    Good Afternoon Fams, I have been trying to get this motor in my car for a few months now and think my issue all this time may possibly be my engine brackets. I have tried everything to get this motor to sit right and I don't see any way of getting it done without replacing my engine brackets (Thought of this today). I finally got my firewall/Rear turbo issue cleared up and the pos still doesn't mount up. Anyways, pictures speak louder than words....... Here is my rear turbo on the passenger side. I have about 2mm of clearance when the motor is sitting in the bay Here is the driver side engine mount/bracket combination. This side mounts up fine and I can get a bolt on it with no issues. Now this is the shit that is killing me, this passenger side engine mount/bracket combination cannot mount up. The bracket needs to go about 4mm towards the driver side in order to mount up. I have tried to force it, pry it over, swing the tranny from side to side, and even offered it some free drinks and money, but the motherf******* still wont move over. Could it be that the brackets have issues? What should I do to rule certain things out. What else could possibly cause this because I don't see it.... Passenger side mount Top of passenger side mount Closeup from side of passenger side mount Ohh yeah, I have both Xcessive Manufacturing Brackets and Mounts for the 89. I went to the site to give you guys the exact link to the parts, but I don't the brackets for some strange reason????????????? Blessed