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Found 6 results

  1. I'm trying to get boost-by-gear working and I need to get a clean VSS (Vehicle speed signal) input to make it work. I do have a spare digidash gauge cluster I can smash open to reveal the answer I need, but I figured I'd ask around before wasting valuable 1980s shelf-parts. HOW MANY TEETH ARE ON THE VR/HALL EFFECT WHEEL THAT THE DIGIDASH USES TO TURN THE SPEEDO CABLE SPINNING INTO MPH/KPH Thanks homies.
  2. MarcosNarcos

    General Questions On The X7

    So I'm in the market for an X7 right now and I have some questions about some restoration parts. The Cress I am looking at is an 86 X7. I don't have pictures of it at the moment, I will have them in the morning when I go to talk to the owner. I was wondering where is a good place to buy a replacement sunroof, the metal around the weatherstripping has small rot spots? If trying to buy an OEM roof or going to a local pick n pull or any possible aftermarket versions, what would be recommended? I've been doin research for a couple days now and all I've really seen for my location is just eBay OEM parts. Second question is if S14 springs will fit on a X7? I read the thread from a few years back on the S14 spring swap on X8s but didnt see anything for 7s. If they fit, do they need much modification if any at all? I'll be thinking of more questions as i get closer to buying it but the rot issue is my #1 problem. I understand I broke the #1 rule of not owning a RWD toyota, but I am in the market and looking for some helpful advice. I know I look like a newfag but I'm picking up information about Cress' as I go. Please take the time if you will to help a new guy out. Here's my ex's tits for a welcome gift.
  3. Voteforpedro

    AE86 seat rails?

    So I've searched this up and cannot find anything. Does anybody know if AE86 seat rails fit in a X6 and X7? Found a AE86 seat rail on craigslist for pretty cheap. Please let me know!! Thanks.
  4. i'm a retard representing a shop with a dumb name selling burning dog turds on a paper plate for more than any intelligent person should pay. please spam our phones with dick pics jacob. thanks! robert 949-466-7772 spencer 714-330-0021
  5. Guest

    Alternator problem

    I have an 85 X7 with the factory 5speed 5m that constantly has charging issues. It either kills the alternator with in a couple of months or wont charge at all for a few weeks then all of a sudden works fine again and when it does that it'll test good on the bench at autozone but has problems once its in the car. I have checked all fuses, breakers, and tested relays repeatedly and no luck, any ideas?
  6. JoeTheHook

    z32/ 300zx brake upgrade

    Just want some opinions from people who have done this. To start off I have an 85 x7 the smallest brakes out of any year. Is this brake upgrade worth the effort? hows the bias and pedal feel? My calipers are shit, so its either rebuild stockers or do the z32. im leaning toward z32