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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! I have a JZX81 Cresta auto and I am doing a W58 manual swap. I need to know about driveshafts. I dont know jack about them. Do i need to buy a new driveshaft to replace the JZX81 auto driveshaft? I don't know what fits where and what doesnt. Any information helps. Thanks a ton!!
  2. SrtX83

    6.1 Hemi swap into A MX83

    Looking for info on if anyone has ever done this swap? Have a 6.1 Hemi from my 08 Srt8 Jeep I am thinking of dropping into my mx83. I feel like everyone does Jzs. Has anyone ever seen a similar build to this, Any info would be great to know! New to this group still learning how to get these photos and more info up
  3. Spoolmk3

    Od off light

    Has anybody traced the od off light? Problem, mx83 does not shift back down From 3rd, has to be done manually. Probably a speed sensor, just need to know which 1. I'm getting ready to do my 1uz swap and keeping it a auto and swapping the tail shafts. I just need to make sure all the little problems are taken care of first. Od light does not come on when the button is pressed but the car will down shift. I removed the cluster and switched the od off bulb with the one above it (L) to check and the bulb was fine. Any thoughts?
  4. Here's my problem. Just bought a Cressida with a blown head gasket. I found an IS300 2J but I'm not exactly sure how much work is involved with putting it in. What scared me was, I called a guy to ask him how much would it be for him to put in a 1j and he said $5500 with motor engine and labor. He was offering a bit more than just the swap but the car would have to run 9s in a 1/4 mile for me to pay him that right now. 7Ms and 1Js don't cost that much and I'm sure I could find a VVTi 2J for under $1500 so what am I missing. Now I'm sure it's not a plug and play swap but I'm just looking for a ballpark figure of how much a is/gs300 swap should cost
  5. rafrob77

    3sge beams in mx83

    has anyone ever put a beams motor in a cressida and what if will take to do this swap
  6. Guest

    MX83 1UZ Swap Tech details

    So for the past year my main and only project has been my MK3 supra, fuck you if you dont like them I dont care. Its a yota and I love it. But I've finally scratching the itch to do a swap in my MX83. It only has 96,000 original miles and its super clean. I want to make it a nice cruiser. My grandmother's SC400 was always pretty kick ass to me, and I love the uz series motors and between quantum auto and Excessive manufacturing, the swap seems pretty easy I was just curious as to what I will need. I have already picked up a nice W58. I didnt want the R154 because they are generally more expensive and a less smooth shifting tranny. I know I will need a complete 1uz to W58 bellhousing adapter, clutch kit an flywheel which quantum auto sells. I will need to find a decent 1uz with ECU and wiring harness. Motor mount can be purchased at Excessive manufacturing. Just wasn't sure if anybody else here has done the swap and knows more in depth info other than the obvious and what I already know. It will be lowered on meghan coilovers with 19'' Konig afterburners. Probably some stoptech drilled and slotted rotors. Other than that I will just be doing basic cosmetic touch ups and fixes to make the car show worthy. Thanks for the help guys!
  7. Guest

    Building my shit thread

    So i finally got all my pictures uploaded, so i thought i would share my build with you guys. I picked this thing up with a sloppy, leaky 5m and figured i needed to get it the fuck out before i go broke from just buying oil. This is what it looked like when i got it with the stock 5m. rear by msw1991, on Flickr hid by msw1991, on Flickr Car sat for a few months while i waited to get some cash saved up so i could buy my friends 2jz that he pulled out of an 93 Aristo. Got an R154, lightweight flywheel, spec stage 3 clutch, bellhousing, and xccessive mounts so i could @ least get the motor in.. bay3 by msw1991, on Flickr bay by msw1991, on Flickr Then beat the shit outta the firewall to get the twins to fit. twins by msw1991, on Flickr Got the fmic deliverd and that just got mounted. imagejpeg_2_7 by msw1991, on Flickr imagejpeg_2_8 by msw1991, on Flickr Now this week im pulling the motor back out to clean up the engine to get ready for seals and also sanding the shit outta the bay for painting.
  8. [edit] the twins are actually fine and will hopefully find home a new daily soon. smoke was coming from something else. the engine nor the twins ever burnt even a drop of oil. i recently made an impulse purchase for a complete hks turbo kit shipped straight from japan. so i'll be replacing these: withhhhh this: > this will be a mild build for now. i will begin withhhhh just cleaning up and coating the kit. probably just cam gears/shafts, FIC, and new fuel pump for the time being. after the car is up and running, i will begin work on the spare 1J i got in the garage. that won't be any time soon, but that build will be crazy. more on that when the time comes!