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Found 3 results

  1. timtiminy

    X8 motion ratios

    Figured I’d ask if anyone knew the f+r motion ratios for the x8 chassis. Don’t want to have to actually measure if someone here happens to know. I know most don’t care and just run the 12k 8k springs that come on off the shelf coilovers. I’m gonna rebuild some coilovers with Bilstein pistons and valving to suit the springs I end up picking. I’m gonna have to measure unsprung weight at some point so if no one knows the motion ratios I’ll post them here when I get around to measuring them.
  2. Gaijin Smash Wayhoff

    So I don't know shit about X7's

    As some of you may remember, I recently bought Turnbow's old candy red X7. I am also in the process of selling it to a good friend to help him turn it into a ProAm project. I'm pretty sure he's planning on going stock 1jz with a bump up in boost. That's all straightforward enough. What I don't know what to tell him is what to do for suspension. SerialNine is not an option in my book right now unless proven otherwise. All I have managed to find searching is that mk2 stuff possibly transfers over and a whole bunch of random combinations of struts, shocks and springs that could possibly maybe one day start to think about being better than stock shit on cut springs. Who has a proven suspension setup I can go off of? BTW our search function sucks. I will no longer flame people for not using it.
  3. 85 wagon Rear camaro shocks aren't cutting it. They are bottoming out on the regular. Anyone have any experience with stiffer shorter shocks that will mount up in the behind of my cressida wagon? Thanks