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Found 16 results

  1. Phase 1: I found a pearl white X8 w/ grey interior on craigslist in bum fuck nowhere Washington. The guy bought it from an old man who drove it and then upgraded and bought a Lexus and then passed it down to his son. After about 1.5 years it blew the head gasket @ 230k and he sold it to this guy in Washington and he replaced the HG and had to sell it due to him moving to Florida. It was immaculate and bone stock. Picked it up for $1500. I drove it for a few weeks and then its passenger brake line blew up and i had to replace the front brake lines and while i was there painted the calipers off the shelf chevy muscle car orange/red for extra cool points. and for some reason i thought it was a good idea to use anti seize on the lug studs. My first time ever working on a car and i was clueless. My first goal was to 5 speed swap it. After a couple hours of research i figured out that everyone's w58's were shit and found a mk3 R154 on a Facebook drift page for $550 at a local shop with a 30 day warranty. After a couple more hours i figured out everything i needed to make the swap happen (shout out to driftmotion and Xcessive): I then found a d-max vented hood in Newberg, Or for $100 and riveted it on for extra jdm fucc boi points. Found some $30 S14 springs for some poor boy low. At this point i had the 5 speed swap done and was waiting for a driveline and i picked up some mk3 supra wheels for $50. I did a couple celebratory burnouts/donuts and realized that open diffs suck and i had a lot of play in the rear end. found a 3.93 MK3 diff in the middle of nowhere Oregon and picked it up. Painted it race car red and me and my friend Jeff McCall installed the Xcessive poly subframe bushings and poly diff bushings, MK3 diff adapter and sub frame re-enforcement plate. Got all the parts installed and got an alignment. I thought i was the coolest dude on the block. Then after about 2 months of daily driving I acquired a rod knock after doing a donut showing off for friends. And that was pretty much my first 1 year of Cressida ownership. I spent the rest my year not doing shit tryna save up and buy a house and i eventually bought a house in Vancouver, WA. That's when phase two happened. I'll post it later if i have time.
  2. SrtX83

    6.1 Hemi swap into A MX83

    Looking for info on if anyone has ever done this swap? Have a 6.1 Hemi from my 08 Srt8 Jeep I am thinking of dropping into my mx83. I feel like everyone does Jzs. Has anyone ever seen a similar build to this, Any info would be great to know! New to this group still learning how to get these photos and more info up
  3. brinkin

    The anti-cress

    So I finally got tired of the gay little nissan I've been calling my track car for the last 4 years and I decided it was finally time to build myself a track slut of the 4 door toyota variety. Goodnight sweet bitch. While the car drove great with the 1j it, I broke everything on the fucker. It taught me what not to do when building a car. My next car is sort of a "lesson learned" type of a build. Enter the white devil. 91 x8 The chassis has 110k on it, bhg, fairly clean body, and cost me a whole 1st gen Ipod touch. This thing is gonna be obnoxious, brightly colored , and hopefully able take a thorough beating in stride. fuck it.
  4. So I've been reading up on Z32 brake swaps for X8 cressidas and even found a swap kit at Flipside customs. http://www.flipsidecustoms.com/toyota-cressida/ Now the question is: If you get the swap kit, can you fit direct bolt-on aftermarket 300ZX brakes on the cressida? I got curious after I found these Z1 brakes and decided to ask. I want to know if the swap kits can allow us to fit more than just OEM Z32 brakes on our cars.
  5. My 86 Cressida isn't starting, turning over, making any noises, etc etc etc. Story began like this: I came back from Texas and hopped in the car after 2 weeks of sitting (maybe even less cause my brother moved it to the side of the driveway) and it started 1st time fine. Struggled a bit but it started and ran. I let it run for a few minutes then i turned it off. I tried to turn it on again shortly after and it would just make a ticking noise and my dash slowly started to lose power. I kept trying to crank till the dash completely died and the car wouldn't make a sound. Now nothing happens. No noises or anything. All of the interior lights, radio, windows and dash do not power on. The only thing that works are my headlights and turn signals. So far I've replaced the battery and main relay fuse. All the fuses checked out fine and my starter is still new.. Im thinking its the ignition switch but i want to be 100% sure. I can't keep buying parts that won't fix this problem..
  6. white_raven

    Help Me Fund Something New

    Cleaning out the garage this weekend. Have a ton of jz/toyota stuff for sale. Make offers! The more you buy the better deals! Can get pics of anything you're interested in. 2jzgte single manifold w/ v-band wastegate flange 1jzgte single manifold 1jzgte non-trac throttle body jz coilpacks jz ignitor jz clutch fan jz serp belt (p/n is 1980 not sure if for ac or non-ac) Garrett T04E (t4 flange) + SS lines for jz (needs rebuild/exhaust blade) FC Oil Cooler Chinese BOV's with flanges x2 (one is tial style other is greddy style) 2jz 440cc injectors 2jz hydro pump x6 Digital Dash w/ pig tails (no fuel sender) x6 quad headlights (good for converting x7 to quad light style) 5m coil/ignitor 5m resistor pack aristo/supra jz mounts x6 Kouki and Zenki grill x7 Kouki grill E30/JZ conversion mounts (may fit e36) No Name 4-point Harness (red) AE86 CBY style Fender Flares (around 65mm)
  7. Voteforpedro

    AE86 seat rails?

    So I've searched this up and cannot find anything. Does anybody know if AE86 seat rails fit in a X6 and X7? Found a AE86 seat rail on craigslist for pretty cheap. Please let me know!! Thanks.
  8. Hello Toyoers, I saw a 1990 Toyota Cressida with a 2L Diesel Engine and 5 speed manual transmission. How much Miles Per Galon can I expect from this vehicle? It has 238,000 km. Here, the pics: http://www.encuentra24.com/nicaragua-es/autos-usados/vendo-toyota-cressida-1990-diesel/2431686 What do you guys think? Kind Regards, Jorge
  9. hello to everyone just figured i would try to help the community out we offer rebarreling for 17-19 3 piece and also powder coating, polishing , chromeing , here's some pics of our redone rims also depending on rims we can do 14-16 pricing verrys had more pics but 2 big to upload call me rob 949-466-7772
  10. I would like to sell my 1985 Toyota Cressida. This thing makes a perfect winter car. It has an automatic transmission, 127k miles, and runs very well. The heat works, the power windows work, the power locks work, the radio works, it'll even come with one of those sweet gadgets that transmits a signal from your ipod onto the car's radio! The wipers do not currently work. I don't know if it's a switch, fuse, or what. The various trim is coming off, and it has a bit of rust but not a ton. The fender and hood have some damage. The front seat is ripped. If you're local, come look at it for yourself! If you're not local, you should probably not travel from three states away to buy a 1985 Cressida. But you can if you feel like it. Sold as is and all that. This is a quiet, comfortable car to drive every day. I want $1,200.
  11. Guest

    X7 on NH CL

    http://nh.craigslist.org/cto/3114388431.html In case anyone semi local to the NE area is lookin!
  12. Guest

    Building my shit thread

    So i finally got all my pictures uploaded, so i thought i would share my build with you guys. I picked this thing up with a sloppy, leaky 5m and figured i needed to get it the fuck out before i go broke from just buying oil. This is what it looked like when i got it with the stock 5m. rear by msw1991, on Flickr hid by msw1991, on Flickr Car sat for a few months while i waited to get some cash saved up so i could buy my friends 2jz that he pulled out of an 93 Aristo. Got an R154, lightweight flywheel, spec stage 3 clutch, bellhousing, and xccessive mounts so i could @ least get the motor in.. bay3 by msw1991, on Flickr bay by msw1991, on Flickr Then beat the shit outta the firewall to get the twins to fit. twins by msw1991, on Flickr Got the fmic deliverd and that just got mounted. imagejpeg_2_7 by msw1991, on Flickr imagejpeg_2_8 by msw1991, on Flickr Now this week im pulling the motor back out to clean up the engine to get ready for seals and also sanding the shit outta the bay for painting.
  13. Browntown

    EFI - FUCK TIMING! 1JZ + microtech LT16

    hey all, i have spent weeks searching google, calling tuners/friends/people about my issue, i cannot for the life of me set the timing on my 1jz, it will NOT retard past 20BTDC and even setting static value to 0 and timing trim to -15 (going past -15 all the way to -45 has no effect) so heres whats happened in order -running 1jz on microtech LT16, tuned with various setups over the 2 or so years its had the ecu -made 403rwhp, took to qld matsuri and shat a bottom end bearing -replaced engine over a 6 month period -fitted new seals/tbelt etc -snapped bolt off in lower timing gear on the crank getting it off -replaced it, fitted t belt and got engine running -now timing reads like 35btdc and i cannot correct it past 20btdc with a -15 timing trim and static set to 0.... all timing marks line up, had the belt off 3-4 times now and made sure everything is right, i have a few pics here and im trying to get the video to upload (im shaped ) if someone could help me with this problem i would be much appreciative and will more than willingly powerskid your whole street while u drink the beer of your choice which i will also provide heres the pics thanks, brendan exhaust cam @tdc intake cam @ tdc crank @ tdc where the engine stopped when i turned it off (nopt tdc at all, just thought id take a pic to make sure cam gears are still in sync) PLEASE HELP!!!!
  14. Guest

    Bay area check in

    Names Joe im 23 years old. I been threw a boat load of S/Z chassis cars but thats not here nor there. I always loved rust magnet cars with four doors so i bought a Cressida last week. The car ran and was maybe only 10miles away from my house but i towed it home anyway with my AAA. I fucking hate 7m's and will deny they ever existed to a Toyota Master Tech. I bought a jzx100 1J and a r154 the next day.I have a boat load of parts ready to install water pump,arp head studs,head gasket,mk3 diff/bushings,300zx brakes,random leftover wheels,control arms,trac rods and othercool shit. Plans with the car, drag and pimp hoes. Now for pics.. As of today. never had a 7m here much needed cleaning.. clean 1j R154 and rad. So yeah i have everything but wiring. This is were jzxproject comes into play one of you guys can convert yes?