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Found 1 result

  1. $1800 For Sale: Body: Nikon D7000 Lenses: Nikkor 70-300, Sigma 10-20mm, Nikon 18-75mm (not shown) Flashes: Nikon SB-600, Vivitar 2600, Image CZ65 (comes with a blue flash gel) Accessories: Nikon ML-L3 (remote camera trigger), Vivitar SL-2 (Flash slave), Diawa Hi-Ace 400 Tripod (old but sturdy and works fine), small camera bag, Battery charger, computer and tv cables, lens wipes. I'm not really interested in shipping, but I like visiting Washington and I live on Vancouver Island so I could meet up. Same goes for the mainland BC. If you are fully serious about wanting it shipped somewhere we might be able to work something out... I bought the D7000 in April (2011) I still have the reciepts and original box and the camera has about 9,200 actuations on it (rated for 150,000) The 18-75mm is a kit lens I've had for years and has seen a lot of use. Still works flawlessly though and is a handy lens to have. The 70-300mm is an older lens but it's in great shape and takes great photos. The auto-focus is a little slow, I think it could use a good cleaning being an older lens, but still works fine, or you can just manually focus. The 10-20mm I bought used this summer but was barely used by the previous owner (hence their sale of it) Still have it's original box and papers and carrying case. The Vivitar and Image flashes are older and I only used for when I needed a second flash or wanted to use the Image's blue flash gel. The SB-600 Was bought new in May '09 and is a great, handy, and very capable flash. It can sync with the D7000 for off camera use and has a little flash stand. Have reciept, original box, papers, and carrying case. I also have another older flash kicking around that I'll throw in if I can find it. The Remote camera trigger is awesome and has a pretty good distance, very handy to have. Same with the flash slave, great for getting dynamic lighting with multiple flashes! The tripod is old and a little on the heavy side, but I like it because it's super sturdy and the weight keeps it planted and isn't all flimsy and shakey like some of the newer, cheap, lightweight ones. The camera bag is just a small, one shoulder strap bag. It will fit the camera and 3 lenses comfortably. If you are good at packing you can fit everything in there, though I preferto give my equipment a little room and I tend to pack lightly. This set-up has been unreal for me and none of it has let me down. I mainly shoot photos for an automotive website, covering grassroots to professional series drifting and the cars and lifestyle that surrounds it, and I've never felt that my camera was lacking or was not capable of doing what it needed to do. I am selling my set-up because I have accumulated more debt than I am comfortable with and I would like to focus my money on saving up for next years events rather than continuously paying bills. Asking $2000 for everything, not interested in trades or parting out. Currently Future Shop has the D7000 up, ON SALE, (camera body, 18-105mm, and 70-300) for $1,900. So with this you are getting essentially that, a 10-20mm lens, 3 flashes, and a slew of other goodies for only a little more. Link to Future Shop ad: http://www.futuresho...dd331bd6951en02 Photos of the equipment: To see some videos I've made using the camera check: http://vimeo.com/user4664464/videos A few photos I've taken using the camera: