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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, I need some help with some information. I think this is the right place from where i can get the right info well, I'm thinking to swap full setup of 2JZ-GTE vvti + A/T (Aristo V300, JZS-161) in my JZX-91 Mark II (came with 2JZ-GE). I've got Engine, AT transmission, ECU(without Immobilizer), Harness and almost everything from JZS-161 half-cut, # but I'm confused about harness Sync to car body wiring / dashboard wiring. # how can i work engine harness with body/dashboard harness??? is it easily possible?? any diagram plz?? by the way, My car is Mark II, Chassis: JZX-91 - 650xxxxx Engine: 2JZ-GE with A/T ABS, TRC, TEMS, Digital Cluster It would be great help, if anyone reply me. Thanks. Quote MultiQuote
  2. Here's my problem. Just bought a Cressida with a blown head gasket. I found an IS300 2J but I'm not exactly sure how much work is involved with putting it in. What scared me was, I called a guy to ask him how much would it be for him to put in a 1j and he said $5500 with motor engine and labor. He was offering a bit more than just the swap but the car would have to run 9s in a 1/4 mile for me to pay him that right now. 7Ms and 1Js don't cost that much and I'm sure I could find a VVTi 2J for under $1500 so what am I missing. Now I'm sure it's not a plug and play swap but I'm just looking for a ballpark figure of how much a is/gs300 swap should cost
  3. ending up putting everything in one for sale thread. located in SoCal, LA area celicadrifter@sbcglobal.net 1jz stock cams/ cam gears. make offer. used 2jzgte water pump itself, no housing, plastic blade - $20 used timing belt idler pulley - $40 used timing belt tensioner - $20 IACV pipe ( from IACV around back of the head to the turbo side) - $10 stock VVTI 1jz topfeed rail - $20 2jzgte non vvti plastic cover painted in the japanes rising sun scheme with dupont silver base/clear, silver flake and candy red - $200 Rip Garage engine brackets for JZ swap on X8 with included bolts - $80 Denso Supra Twin Turbo fuel pump, Brand new - $200 Q45 maf with pigtail and HKS air filter, slotted the holes on the maf to get the filter to bolt on. Good for whoevers planning on running a Q45 maf on their non d-jetro power fc on a vvti 1jz - $50 Moroso cooling system expansion tank. Can be used as a coolant overflow like i did before. 1.5 qts and comes with cap $50 2 sets of '98/'99 Honda Accord ECU plugs for if your gonna run a AEM 30-6050 ecu, got 2 sets $20/ea. set shipping is $5 on either, JZX100 Chaser A/T gauge cluster w. bezel and pigtails $50 Wastegate flange, looks like its for older hks style wastegate rectangular 4 bolt, also looks like u can bolt a 2 bolt wastegate on it. obo plus shipping Going a different route on my turbo setup. 2jzgte T3 turbo setup. Ebay divided manifold, braced, T4 to T3 divided adapter welded on(also have a divided T3 flange acting as a spacer on there), and the original wastegate flange replaced with a square 4 bolt flange. Holset HX35, 3" v-band flange welded for downpipe, internal wastegate welded shut, 3" elbow welded on, and 4an oil inlet restrictor/ 10an oil drain fittings, very minimal shaft play. Copper lock nuts on the turbo. Brand new Apex'i wastegate. Downpipe and wastegate dump pipe(still gotta get parts of it welded from where i modded it). Oil lines not included. Take all for $1100. I can seperate as well.