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Found 2 results

  1. Guest

    My bitch in the making...

    What's up ya'll! Just wanted to post up where I'm at with my project. The car has pretty much been sitting in storage since I posted my intro. Have been waiting for the proper timing to get shit rollin, glad I did. The original thoughts were to grab a 1j and do the swap, being the 7M is garbage and I bought it with a blown head gasket. Then time passed, saw some other things unfolding around me. Then I made the fatal "mistake" of going to NHMS and watching Roy drift his 1U cressida. The sound alone had me sold. Anyways, enough with the blah blah blah bullshit. Here's how she sat when I first went to pick it up and brought it back to the shop. Checked it over, pretty solid car for an 89! Decided to gut the interior, no one likes torn blue seats and ratty carpet anyways! So then I started to think of options. Rebuild the 7M (no), do a 1 or 2jz swap... blah blah blah. Then I stumbled onto this! Picked it up for $600! Was 2hrs away on the cape in Mass. Car had been sitting for a bit, but with a booster pack and air in the tire, it fired right up and was able to drive it onto the trailer. BTW, fuck Boston traffic with a truck and loaded trailer! Nothing too exciting as of yet, have been takin the Lex apart. Salvaging any of the parts from the chassis that will be needed for the swap. The tranny was a fucking cunt to separate from the engine. Damn dowel pins were corroded right in. This is pretty much where is sits at the moment. Ordered a bunch of parts to refresh the 1U, from rockauto. Some have arrived, the rest should be here before the weekend. Once I'm done replacing all the shit, I'll be bringin the cressida back in to start removing the boat anchor from the bay.
  2. Guest

    MX83 1UZ Swap Tech details

    So for the past year my main and only project has been my MK3 supra, fuck you if you dont like them I dont care. Its a yota and I love it. But I've finally scratching the itch to do a swap in my MX83. It only has 96,000 original miles and its super clean. I want to make it a nice cruiser. My grandmother's SC400 was always pretty kick ass to me, and I love the uz series motors and between quantum auto and Excessive manufacturing, the swap seems pretty easy I was just curious as to what I will need. I have already picked up a nice W58. I didnt want the R154 because they are generally more expensive and a less smooth shifting tranny. I know I will need a complete 1uz to W58 bellhousing adapter, clutch kit an flywheel which quantum auto sells. I will need to find a decent 1uz with ECU and wiring harness. Motor mount can be purchased at Excessive manufacturing. Just wasn't sure if anybody else here has done the swap and knows more in depth info other than the obvious and what I already know. It will be lowered on meghan coilovers with 19'' Konig afterburners. Probably some stoptech drilled and slotted rotors. Other than that I will just be doing basic cosmetic touch ups and fixes to make the car show worthy. Thanks for the help guys!