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Found 8 results

  1. I am hoping that I can sell my wheels and turbo kit, and can keep the Cressida. For now, this is up for sale. I'd like to sell my Cressida. I've worked through this car extensively to make it a functioning, reliable drift car. It's got a full interior, and rides very comfortably. The 1J is mostly stock, and the car is a really good time to drift. The suspension is super sorted. I will probably forget a ton of stuff on the spec sheet, but I'll speak with interested buyers about the car at length to give them details. This car has every single possible component installed to make the chassis an incredible performer. The parts alone are an absolute bargain at the price I'm asking. I'd like $13,500 for the car, complete. I'll take $12,250 for the car with no wheels (bring your own). I'll take $11,700 for the car with no seats and no wheels (bring your own). Spec: Engine and drivetrain JZX90 1JZ GTE Fluidamper crank damper Xcessive Manufacturing power steering brace/AC delete Custom power steering cooler Wiring harness professionally refreshed by Feness Engineering Downpipe with flex section Front mount intercooler Warlbro 255 fuel pump K&N Air filter HKS Fuel Cut defenser Driftmotion thermostatic oil cooler kit Koyo radiator SPAL fans Circuit sports fan controller (reads oil and water temp, currently only set up for water temp) HKS full gauge package (Gauges don't read anything, but look sweet and light up orange) Custom skid plate/oil pan guard 3" full exhaust, V band connection in the center, custom 4" dual tips I also have a complete turbo kit, which is not installed. For an additional $2,000 I will include the full turbo kit, which includes: Borg Warner S360 turbo Ebay manifold, custom reinforced Tial 44mm wastegate with all springs Driftmotion fuel rail Siemens 850cc injectors Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator and fuel line kit Ebay downpipe (will need fabrication to fit) Modified water neck 4" intake with K&N air filter R154 transmission Exedy twin plate clutch Xcessive braided clutch line Xcessive clutch pedal conversion and clutch master Xcessive transmission mount Xcessive engine mounts One piece driveshaft, steel Supra differential case conversion, custom subframe mounting points Supra axles 3.9 ratio ring and pinion Weir performance rigid pinion spacer and pinion shim kit Welded center unit Xcessive differential mounts Suspension and brakes S13 tension rod conversion, boxed and reinforced S13 Cusco tension rods S13 front control arms, reinforced Cressida uprights Xcessive knuckles Xcesssive roll center spacers Serial 9 coilover sleeve Stance coilvers, 12k front/10k rear Serial 9 front camber spacers (-7.5 camber front) 300ZX brake caliper and rotor conversion Steel braided brake lines Serial 9 full adjustable arm kit (rear tension arm, rear camber and toe arms) Serial 9 solid rear bushings with roll center correction Xcessive pillow ball knuckle bushing kit Project Mu brake pads Hydro ebrake with Girling master cylinder (the hydro works decently well, but is not well installed. This was installed by the previous owner of the car) SSR Agle Minerva wheels 18x9.5 +24 front (spaced to a -1) Falken RT615k 225/40/18 tires in front, brand new 18x10 +12 rear Falken FK453 tires in rear, almost dead Chassis and body Ferrari Grigio Silverstone grey paint on body of car Cresta headlight conversion, Cresta headlights and corner lights HIDs Supermade hood vents Custom silver with silver flake top Serial 9 Big Win replica aero (comes with spare side skirts and spare rear bumper) Origin silver carbon front canards Origin silver carbon trunk lip spoiler OR Origin silver carbon GT wing (you don't get both unless you pay extra) Front and rear bash bars (Custom, can be used as jack points and fit S9 aero) The car will not come with the Proceed team livery. It will have no stickers- original paint only. Interior Xcessive floor mount adapters Sparco 4 point harnesses Bride Brix 3 driver's seat (excellent condition) Bride Brix 1 passenger seat (reupholstered, but not mint) Boss hub adapter Car will come with Nardi deep cone wheel Personal wood shift knob The car is not mint- it's an active drift car and gets used. All of the parts that I have purchased are top quality. I've never counted, but I think I have close to $30k into the car at this point. Photos from this season Photos from last season
  2. Spoolmk3

    Od off light

    Has anybody traced the od off light? Problem, mx83 does not shift back down From 3rd, has to be done manually. Probably a speed sensor, just need to know which 1. I'm getting ready to do my 1uz swap and keeping it a auto and swapping the tail shafts. I just need to make sure all the little problems are taken care of first. Od light does not come on when the button is pressed but the car will down shift. I removed the cluster and switched the od off bulb with the one above it (L) to check and the bulb was fine. Any thoughts?
  3. Not sure if I was the first one to successfully do this in a Cressida but oh well not really too concerned with that. Bought the car in 2011 with a bhg with the intentions of going 1jz vvti but all the motors in the area were greasy messes and missing stuff or too expensive. 2jzge can be had all day for <$500 all day so I said why not. I refused to go the familiar route of using the ge ecu because its either you stack piggybacks or go standalone after a while until I stumbled upon this setup on the clublexus forums. Spent the next couple of years gathering info on the setup and parts. Heres the info on the car: Engine 2jzge engine with stock hg and harness out of a 1st Gen gs300 with brand new valve cover gaskets, seals, brand new clutch fan (from a ls400), with the EGR removed. Brand new radiator SS power steering line XM 91-92 engine brackets Turbo setup T67 turbo kit for a 2jzgte from driftmotion.com which includes: 3in downpipe, 40mm 4 bolt wastegate (11psi spring) 2jzge Ebay turbo exhaust manifold -10an oil drain -3 oil feed with -4 adapter Coilpacks and Ignitor from a 2000 Lexus gs300 1jz/2jz Map sensor 440 injectors and resistor pack from a Mk3 Turbo Toyota Supra 2jzgte Auto Ecu and IAT AEM wideband and HKS Boost gauge EGR blockoff plates Spearco Replica Intercooler and custom piping Drivetrain W58 (non-turbo) transmission out of a '89 Supra along with driveshaft, pedals, and slave and master cylinders 2jz bellhousing and flywheel ARP flywheel and pressure plate bolts XTD 6 puck clutch disc and pressure plate SS clutch line Suspension JIC front coilovers from a JZX81 (Toyota Chaser) S13 swaybar links New Driver side RLCA and axle S13 Cusco Rear coilovers T3 RCAs Interior Grey Cloth Interior JDM Mk4 Supra 3-spoke steering wheel Gauge Installation kit to replace clock When I first purchased it After installing the suspension purchased by DiscoShit Getting the wiring done by my boy JDMCRESS Waiting to do the IC installation Cockpit Shot After IC and piping Installed After getting the exhaust installed Car runs and idles as stock and pulls hard. This was done as a budget build so I'll probably leave it as it is for while but we all know how that power bug bites so we'll see, Next on agenda is definitely getting new wheels These were only put on to tow the car back and forth and ended up staying on so don't be too harsh lol. Those interested in the swap, I can and will answer what ever questions that may be asked.
  4. hello to everyone just figured i would try to help the community out we offer rebarreling for 17-19 3 piece and also powder coating, polishing , chromeing , here's some pics of our redone rims also depending on rims we can do 14-16 pricing verrys had more pics but 2 big to upload call me rob 949-466-7772
  5. i'm a retard representing a shop with a dumb name selling burning dog turds on a paper plate for more than any intelligent person should pay. please spam our phones with dick pics jacob. thanks! robert 949-466-7772 spencer 714-330-0021