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Found 1 result

  1. Lofty

    2UZ Pissin me the fuck off.

    Hi guys. I have a problem that I have been having with my LX470. The truck has 230xxx miles. I have two problems. Most of the ideas I've gotten were like "ITS UR BATTERY MAYBE" so dumb. I have 2 issues here. The first one is that occasionally it takes a long fucking time to start. As in it cranks and cranks and cranks and then will start and run pretty good. I have a leak on the seam of my gas tank (I usually dont fill past half) Not sure if this would affect it. The other issue is it would appear I have a minor misfire... I've replaced ALL the coils. Replaced all the plugs... and it still has it... It will miss for a while and then clear up after warm. It will intermittently come back after. No Check Engine lights from this either.... What's wrong with my shit? I'm confused. Guys said cLeaN tHe ThRoTtLe bOdY but like.... I'm not sure that'd cause a mis... Why is the ECU not picking it up either?