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Found 5 results

  1. Spoolmk3

    Od off light

    Has anybody traced the od off light? Problem, mx83 does not shift back down From 3rd, has to be done manually. Probably a speed sensor, just need to know which 1. I'm getting ready to do my 1uz swap and keeping it a auto and swapping the tail shafts. I just need to make sure all the little problems are taken care of first. Od light does not come on when the button is pressed but the car will down shift. I removed the cluster and switched the od off bulb with the one above it (L) to check and the bulb was fine. Any thoughts?
  2. stumbled upon this thread. not sure if any of you have already seen it (probably a few of you have). but it is a JZ/UZ auto trans bellhousing adapter to T56. or at least that's my understanding. http://www.v-eight.com/tech_forum/viewtopic.php?t=1326 guy is selling the cad file for $20 to have it machined on your own. anybody seen this? i think a T56 magnum would be pretty slick to have behind a JZ or a UZ
  3. posted up on the driftworks/phil morrison FB page. apparently it's to mate a JZ to a BMW 5-series manual transmission (530d 3.0L diesel). if there is a compatible transmission here (stateside) might make a cheap alternative to the V160 and R154 alternatives which seem to get more expensive each day.
  4. Guest

    1jz n/a + auto trans

    motor out of my 92 JZX90 Cresta Tourer S. I'll have it pulled on Sunday for whoever to come pick up, or have picked up. really makes me angry that I have to part this shit just because everyone has their wallet shoved so far up their ass this year. 1JZ n/a auto transmission 85,000 kms on both wiring harness + computer HOW MUCH YOU PAY ME?
  5. I have for sale a working auto trans out of a '84 Cressida. Pulled it out for a 5 speed swap. Tranny has ~85k mi. on it. Asking $100. Hopefully semi local to east Iowa as I'd rather not ship it. Willing to deliver within reason. Also have the factory radio from same car. Best offer, will ship.