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Found 1 result

  1. Browntown

    EFI - FUCK TIMING! 1JZ + microtech LT16

    hey all, i have spent weeks searching google, calling tuners/friends/people about my issue, i cannot for the life of me set the timing on my 1jz, it will NOT retard past 20BTDC and even setting static value to 0 and timing trim to -15 (going past -15 all the way to -45 has no effect) so heres whats happened in order -running 1jz on microtech LT16, tuned with various setups over the 2 or so years its had the ecu -made 403rwhp, took to qld matsuri and shat a bottom end bearing -replaced engine over a 6 month period -fitted new seals/tbelt etc -snapped bolt off in lower timing gear on the crank getting it off -replaced it, fitted t belt and got engine running -now timing reads like 35btdc and i cannot correct it past 20btdc with a -15 timing trim and static set to 0.... all timing marks line up, had the belt off 3-4 times now and made sure everything is right, i have a few pics here and im trying to get the video to upload (im shaped ) if someone could help me with this problem i would be much appreciative and will more than willingly powerskid your whole street while u drink the beer of your choice which i will also provide heres the pics thanks, brendan exhaust cam @tdc intake cam @ tdc crank @ tdc where the engine stopped when i turned it off (nopt tdc at all, just thought id take a pic to make sure cam gears are still in sync) PLEASE HELP!!!!