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Found 5 results

  1. Phase 1: I found a pearl white X8 w/ grey interior on craigslist in bum fuck nowhere Washington. The guy bought it from an old man who drove it and then upgraded and bought a Lexus and then passed it down to his son. After about 1.5 years it blew the head gasket @ 230k and he sold it to this guy in Washington and he replaced the HG and had to sell it due to him moving to Florida. It was immaculate and bone stock. Picked it up for $1500. I drove it for a few weeks and then its passenger brake line blew up and i had to replace the front brake lines and while i was there painted the calipers off the shelf chevy muscle car orange/red for extra cool points. and for some reason i thought it was a good idea to use anti seize on the lug studs. My first time ever working on a car and i was clueless. My first goal was to 5 speed swap it. After a couple hours of research i figured out that everyone's w58's were shit and found a mk3 R154 on a Facebook drift page for $550 at a local shop with a 30 day warranty. After a couple more hours i figured out everything i needed to make the swap happen (shout out to driftmotion and Xcessive): I then found a d-max vented hood in Newberg, Or for $100 and riveted it on for extra jdm fucc boi points. Found some $30 S14 springs for some poor boy low. At this point i had the 5 speed swap done and was waiting for a driveline and i picked up some mk3 supra wheels for $50. I did a couple celebratory burnouts/donuts and realized that open diffs suck and i had a lot of play in the rear end. found a 3.93 MK3 diff in the middle of nowhere Oregon and picked it up. Painted it race car red and me and my friend Jeff McCall installed the Xcessive poly subframe bushings and poly diff bushings, MK3 diff adapter and sub frame re-enforcement plate. Got all the parts installed and got an alignment. I thought i was the coolest dude on the block. Then after about 2 months of daily driving I acquired a rod knock after doing a donut showing off for friends. And that was pretty much my first 1 year of Cressida ownership. I spent the rest my year not doing shit tryna save up and buy a house and i eventually bought a house in Vancouver, WA. That's when phase two happened. I'll post it later if i have time.
  2. I thought id share this with you guys! Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to see more videos.
  3. I am selling my Hydraulic Handbrake with a Wilwood 3/4 Master Cylinder. I am asking 90USD for both but im not sure on shipping yet. Im sure we can work something out. Some companies sell this same set up for about 210usd not including shipping. Not on here all the time so best bet is an email or text. Text me at 805-421-8297 Email me at chrischav3z@yahoo.com
  4. I would like to sell my 1985 Toyota Cressida. This thing makes a perfect winter car. It has an automatic transmission, 127k miles, and runs very well. The heat works, the power windows work, the power locks work, the radio works, it'll even come with one of those sweet gadgets that transmits a signal from your ipod onto the car's radio! The wipers do not currently work. I don't know if it's a switch, fuse, or what. The various trim is coming off, and it has a bit of rust but not a ton. The fender and hood have some damage. The front seat is ripped. If you're local, come look at it for yourself! If you're not local, you should probably not travel from three states away to buy a 1985 Cressida. But you can if you feel like it. Sold as is and all that. This is a quiet, comfortable car to drive every day. I want $1,200.
  5. Show and Shine open to all imports. $15 to enter vehicle and includes 1 pass into stands for drifting. Show and Shine opens at 11 **Doors open at 12pm** (For spectators!!) Top 16 starts at 6pm! Admission is 10$ Tech is at 8am, Drifting starts at 10am! Drivers 60$, 80$ for Drop in Register by emailing your name and vehicle to: laptops@capitaldrift.ca and/or coilovers@capitaldrift.ca Drivers List is limited to **40 Drivers** Priority will be given to experienced drivers. All other drivers will be put on a waiting list by first come first served basis until the 40 driver cap has been met. Drivers having been drafted onto the list shall be notified by email. Pre-registration shall be open until Monday June 11th. **Snell 2000 or equivalent helmets required. Full face helmets only** **Pit passes are now 20$** Volunteers are also needed, email the above address if you want to help!