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Found 1 result

  1. I'm getting the new car itch again, and I kinda want to look at a sweet four door. I have an FC, and if you have a cool x chassis maybe I'd trade you. Ideally I'm looking for something that makes some power (enough to drift), has a good condition full interior, already has coilovers and at least a welded. Aero would be a huge plus. A paint color that doesn't suck would be a huge plus, so like black or white or red or something. I have an FC that I could trade. It's an original GTUs chasiss so it has no sunroof and RX7 nerds will bitch at you for ruining a rare car. It's got some stuff: 13bt with stock top mount RTEK 2.0 Injector Dynamics 720 primary injectors, 1000cc secondary injectors aeromotive fuel pressure regulator warlbro fuel pump custom 3" downpipe with flex tube custom 3" exhaust fabbed for maximum ground clearance custom solid steel tube motor mounts Mazda competition trans mounts Stainless clutch line ACT 4 puck sprung clutch, and ACT pressure plate BRAND NEW engine wiring harness, purchased from Mazda big nascar radiator biggest black magic fan, with shroud all emissions removed AEM Uego AFR gauge AutoMeter oil pressure and water temp gauges VDO boost gauge Super now outer tie rods Secret element inner tie rods Stance coilovers every suspension bushing replaced with polyurethane stainless steel brake lines the car currently has a Cusco 1.5 way. It will come with a welded center unit in a turbo diff housing, unless you pay extra for the cusco. Work VS-Edition wheels, 17x8 +5 17x9 +22 with a 25mm spacer Advan AD08 front tires, Kenda rear tires Origin aero Ganador mirrors RE Amemiya replica wing I have a brand new never used origin front bumper and origin sides as spare aero. The paint is extremely nice. It is a bright yellow color with very heavy pearl. The fuel door is shaved, the door handles are shaved. The car has an autopower bolt in roll bar that I've added door bars to, to pass minimum local drift club requirements. No door panels at the moment, and door poppers are not completely installed. The interior is pretty sloppy but could be saved. The front wheel bearings might need replacing relatively soon but they're not too terrible yet. The Ebrake barely works (you have to stomp the foot brake to get it to lock). The wiring harness under the dash is pretty screwy and needs rebuilding. Other than that, it's a very solid car. It holds a great idle, pulls good vacuum at idle (17in hg), never overheats, handles well for it's height, and has never left me stranded. I drive it to and from every drift day, street drift all the time, and have not had trouble thus far. Obviously it's a drift car so it's got various exterior sloppyness. Painting the new aero I have and installing it would bring the exterior to about 90% perfect again. I want a four door drift car with a full interior that I can mob around with my friends, street drift, and go to events occasionally. I don't want anything really sloppy to look at, and I don't mind having relatively low power. I know getting aero for X8s is a pain so hopefully someone has something with aero already. I'll probably just bitch out and keep my car, but maybe someone has something cool out there they want to trade. Here are some photos of my FC: