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Found 1 result

  1. Turbocharged400sbc

    Chitown WaGN....project from hell

    hello, James here, new here, not a newb...84 mx62 cressida wagon....3800jz...gte swap lol swapped in and turbocharged a buick 3800 v6 drivetrain using parts from dozens of makes and models to make it all fit and work....it vents through full equal length primary and secondary headers...into a t70 so youll forgive the humor but i find 3800jz amusing lol but yeah, some specs: 90 LN3 3800 buick v6 from an olds toronado, with an 88 FWD intake flipped 180*, 99 GTP ignition system, and 88/90/98 3800 harnesses controlled by a 98 OBD2 PCM, 89 2.8l v6 fbody 700r4 trans, GN driveshaft modified and with a custom machined toy yoke, urethane mustang trans mount, B&M supercooler, as well as Z gate shifter. full AN plumbing using OEM lines where i could and replaced oem line with 3/8ths hardline for the larger pump and 60 amp relay/power system (from late 90's caddy ABS system), 60lb inj (for now). OEM PS gearbox with camaro PS pump and Volvo PS resevoir, pressure line is from a 3400 Fbody, a passive cooling loop on the return (soon). power system is the Honda size battery with all 2 ga cables, ford 4.6 alternator with custom bracket, 64 thunderbird manual belt tensioner fully integrated with extensive work to all the oem toyota sensors and wiring. plusi always overbuild everything..so trust me when i say its a bit overboard...only thing i cant make work is the mechanical speedo as i have to machine an adaptor..but for now ill be able to read the camaro VSS via the aeroforce scangauge/PCM datalogger on the forced induction side is a t70 meant for a GN/turbo regal, as well as the spearco IC from a vintage spearco FMIC kit... 1 5/8ths primary headers into merge collectors and into a true Y merge at the GN flange and a 3" DP just over and inboard of the steering idler arm...cold side is all 2.5" and is nearly a straight shot from the compressor to the IC and a fairly short TB pipe (trying to find some vintage hks or greddy bov to match the vintage turbonetics wg) its atight fit... huge headache with having to rework the front suspension for more engine bay room...cant find any info on whether anyone changes the tension/radius rod forward pivot point...i ended up moving the t3 arms (sans bushing adaptors) inboard 3/4inch and down a 1/4 for more room cant wait till i blow apart that 7.1" toothpick out back anyways on to the pics of my WaGN and the source of many headaches then i scraped the whole radiator setup and cutup the frontend and then started from scratch... new lower core support mounted much lower with an integral airdam clamp, also Z'd the tension/radius rod brackets ive seen that folks will weld the brackets together..i plan to go one further and also join them to the K member to take strain off the lower core support these t3 arms are quite nice...beefy...also got the adj panhard as my 275 Dr's are close to rubbing and id like to avoid rolling the lips if i can,,,the cars relativly clean...you can see the OEM 5mge K member that i flipped, notched, reinforced, and welded up solid block mounts all this just so i can fit a radiator that can handle the heat of 500+ ponies and ftlbs and give me room for the turbo and WG next to it... once this headache is done i can get back to the hotside/coldside piping as well as the plumbing... for a while i stepped away from this bugger after i found i had no choice but to re engineer the frontend...this pile of parts is what i was dreading...and is just to fit a bigger radiator lol