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  1. nycressida

    WTB: USDM Drivers Side Corner Light for 1991 Cressida

    Toyotapartsoverstock.Com has them cheap bro
  2. nycressida

    Aero Type II?

    id be interested in the drop vent hood you plan on making that soon?
  3. nycressida

    FS: MX83 Cressida parts

    dashboard light control and the plastic piece on the dash that attaches to the cable to pop the hood.
  4. nycressida

    WTB: glove compartment latch thing

    while your at it can you grab me the dash board light control dimmer thingamajig pretty please.
  5. nycressida

    cressida part out

    sorry guys he doesnt want to part it out himself its a u pull it deal.
  6. nycressida

    cressida part out

    yea thats the one.
  7. nycressida

    cressida part out

    ill let you know when i go to his house maybe tomorrow.
  8. nycressida

    Looking for new engine

    http://jdmtigerjapanese.com/autoparts.php?query2=toyota i used them great prices and if you call they will negotiate a price 1jzvvti with auto tranny for only 890!!! or a 1j for only 790!!!! they are awesome bought my 2j for 1100 shipped to my house!!
  9. nycressida

    cressida part out

    its a 1990
  10. nycressida

    cressida part out

    found a guy local whos parting out a x83 its pretty clean burgandy with gray interior let me know if you guys need anything.
  11. nycressida

    wtb: clean hood

    need a clean hood for x83 prefer local.
  12. nycressida

    EBAY brake master cylinder

    im using there clutch one no problems yet.
  13. nycressida

    CA: F/S 1992 Cressida white/grey Mark II front, Coilover

    i bet if you post this on ebay youll get more then what your asking for it.
  14. nycressida

    572hp 540 tq 1.5jz nycressida dyno

    i would love to sport your suspension but will be losing my job soon =[. so will be a while b4 i can get something nice. as for pics ill take some next week but im rocking a crappy hood at the moment till i have some more free time to make a carbon one to match the trunk lid.