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  1. gonna be 10 years in May
  2. Appreciate it Austin.. Offer stands if you need any clarification on anything related to the car, shoot me a PM... Good luck with everything..
  3. You never had a peice of 786 work infront of you. Just a peice of fresh outta highschool ameen helping an old dude out in his parents garage.. BIG difference. Im surprised that guy failed to mention that part.. then again, im not really surprised. If you were in my shoes, you would understand that its passed that. Its like a girlfriend cheating on you and trying to make it work out after that. (my turn at a lame analogy). I dont need the Texas Drift scene as much as it doesnt need me. I am MUCH more happier with where my life is now. I have great friends, a great girlfriend, doing well in school, and things are actually looking up. Why would i want to go back to the people that started so many rumors and talked behind my back? The people who matter know who i am and what really happened.
  4. LOL!! Awesome advice, but youre a little late .. Im NEVER running another business again. Thats why i went back to college. LESSON LEARNED. Also i really wouldnt be chiming in and putting my two cents in a thread like this. But honestly, this was the LAST forum i expected to get shit from. I devoted so much time and resources in promoting this site and made so many great friends. What surprised me even more is that even G was getting some shit slung his way as well. What the fuck is up with this site? How are you guys going to hate on him? Without him the REAL competitive drift cressidas would be NOWHERE near where they are now. Whats next? Are you guys going to start calling out Brian?
  5. EXACTLY.. If Austin came up to me, called me, messaged me and asked about things on the car, i would have kindly replied and offered my help. I still to this day get tons of people messaging me about my cressida and asking about setups and shit like that and i take time out to respond to them. However, when he calls me out, starts talking shit and doesnt even know me, thats just childish.
  6. Your first sentence already states that i shouldnt dignify your post with a response, however, i would like to set a few things straight. Amongst the several other videos of me, you chose one where i, along with other members of the TX drift community, am heavily intoxicated and sneak into an Anime convention, create a ruckus and then get kicked out.. If i was to base my opinion of you off of your avatar (again because i dont know who the fuck you are) i would say youre a total douchebag for having a fucking cartoon character tattooed on your bicep... Not only that but you gotta say that im a haji looking dude.. i had a feeling that all this hate against me is a somewhat racially charged... what the FUCK are you talking about? You and me both.... Like i said before, there are always two sides to a story.. I am not going to go into all of that, but for what its worth, i will say that i NEVER stole anything and no parts off of customer cars were used on mine. That is a shitty low life thing to do. Half of the shit on that thread is a joke. Some dudes saying that i am on a witness protection program because i owe the asian mafia money. Another guy saying that i closed up shop and moved to Kansas. Yea i should have probably chimed in to "save face" whenever that shit happened, but for obvious reasons, i had other things to worry about. Anyone who knows me knew how much i loved my cressida and that i would have NEVER sold it. But, I sold the cressida and gave the money out to customers (who i felt were getting the short end of the stick) to keep them happy.And i ended up driving a $600 1989 Benz Wagon. Yea, you wont see that on the boards though. There is only one 50 year old dude with a convertible that i have done a 5spd swap for. I think his screenname was Tennisitis or something. And if that is the same guy, his swap wasnt even done at 786. It was done at my house, for $250, SEVERAL years ago. LONG before i even considered opening up 786. I also told him that the auto bolts would not fit on the manual bellhousing, so he would need to get new ones, but he would be okay for a bit. Im guessing he forgot about that. I was young and stupid, so some mistakes were probably made. But if the swap was done so terribly, why is it i NEVER (even when i had an "established" shop) saw him again? If there were any problems or gripes he had with the car, i would have fixed it and rectified the issue. However, after 7 years, when this "lets talk shit about this Haji mother fucker" shit storm starts, he decides to join in on the bandwagon, along with you and several other people who i dont know and have never dealt with.
  7. Hey dumbass... when you are talking shit about me in a public thread, I am going to chime in.. YOU are the one starting shit.. BTW, have fun with my "piece of shit car with shitty work".. regardless, you'll NEVER be able to drive it like i did... What you just said to Rob just goes to show what kind of person you are... You're the one who started talking shit.. YOU (someone who doesn’t even know me, who hasn’t even met me) started talking shit about ME.. As soon as Rob, who IS someone who knows me, chimes in to actually say what’s right, you turn on him too.. He’s backing me up because he knows that all those dudes on the internet talking shit about me are ridiculous.. because he ACTUALLY knows me.. not reading some shit posted about me on the internet.. there are always two sides to a story... ask anyone on JZXP who has actually met me and dealt with me... Give it up.. sell the car.. you dont deserve it.. Actually.. better yet.. keep it.. it’s a fire hazard... LOL
  8. I dont have to answer to you mother fucker.. i dont know you.. dont like you.. and you dont deserve that car...
  9. Well said Rob... Also the car has been drifted since 2006 ;-)
  10. So youre anti-me huh? Youre in houston too? Wanna meet up so you can tell me how anti-me you are? This was a car that i beat to shit.. and everyone was WELL aware of that.. i didnt give a damn if it was "clean" or not.. as far as i know i got the cressida name, and this website, very far with this "brown turd" and made some great friends along the way.. i sold it to jodie for STUPID cheap and let him know all the problems it had.. im sick of stupid dickheads like you that i never even met in my life try to drag my name in the dirt.. im not "in hiding", im working on my mechanical engineering degree and for the few people on this site that actually have a college education they understand that it excessively consumes your time.. i ran a shop, it didnt go too well, and i stopped.. i have NEVER left wires unsoldered and without heatshrink, probably something your dumbass friend did.. so shut the fuck up already...
  11. ameenit

    Nardi Classic Wood Steering wheel

    PM me an offer.. but it would have to be more than the highest bid on ebay..
  12. Im selling the Wheel off of my cressida. I was planning on keeping it for Nostalgic purposes, but i need the monies right now.. Here is the link to it on Ebay... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280681218983 Figured some of you would want to get it.. And a video of it in action..