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  1. I posted about half of the refunds. On Friday when we get paid I will be able to refund the rest.
  2. Shit has gone south, and I won't be able to get these done. I'm going to be refunding all the money starting later tonight. This has been a colossal failure on my part and I feel like complete assclown about it. Between losing my air compressor, not being able to secure a home loan for a new house, bill collectors calling, losing all my computer drawings of the measurements and templates, blah blah blah. I just can't do this. I have about 40 engine side plates for making the mounts, but limited means to make the other pieces until I get the parts I ordered for the compressor.
  3. Ok, Dropped off drawings and money the other week at the water jet place, they should have cut them middle of last week. I am probably going to pick them up on Friday unless the girlfriend can get over there for me sooner. These are the plates that bolt to the motor. After those, I can cut all the tubing and get the X8 mounts finished up. The X7 mounts I am still working on unfortunately, they have proven a bit tougher to do for the same price than I had hoped but I am still doing them for the same price I quoted. My air compressor broke, and today the bank notified my parents that our house is in full foreclosure (no more trying to short sell) so any day now we could get the notice to vacate. I am having trouble getting an FHA loan because the underwriters are questioning why there is money coming to my bank account from paypal for the donations when Violette passed away. I've been a bit absent lately, I know. But I am still trudging along on this trying not to stress.
  4. Got back a great quote from this small waterjet place. Friday I'll be dropping off payment. 40 plates, which is enough for 20 sets of mounts. AWESOME.
  5. Been exchanging emails this evening with the new shop. I just sent the guy back the tolerances and spec for material. He replied pretty quick, so I am hoping tomorrow (sunday) I hear back with a dollar amount.
  6. ALRIGHT. I have been trying to get/deal with this waterjet place that was great initially, but been shady. No other place is returning calls. I have one more place I am trying, which is a smaller mom/pop type place (through a friend). Hopefully they WANT my business. I really thought I could do all this, along with going back to work and dealing with family. Shit has been really f'ing tough, not gonna lie. The girl has had some pretty devastating breakdowns, and spending time in the garage has been tough when the kid says she wants me to play with her. I honestly thought I could juggle all this, and I definitely underestimated my rebound time. If I can't get a waterjet place to give me a decent ETA and price after Friday, I will probably just offer refunds. I will still be making the mounts, but I just can't handle this looming over my head; I feel like such a dick. Again, I AM STILL MAKING THE MOUNTS with or without the deposits; but if after Friday it is going to be too much time for the waterjet shop, I will offer refunds. X8 will be done first, then X7's. Any issues, please feel free to PM me or CALL 602-478-6123.
  7. Check the condition of the slave cylinder. We couldn't get the clutch to bleed on my friends truck, and we thought it was a clutch issue also. I took apart the slave, and noticed a bunch of rust/corrosion towards the end of the cylinders travel. It was basically hitting it and getting stuck, not allowing full pressure. Took some scotch brite, scuffed the rust off and reassembled. Problem was gone. But all points mentioned previously are good things to check. Remove the little rubber cover around the fork, and have somebody press the clutch while you look in there with a flashlight. Do you see it moving enough?
  8. 7MX63

    x3 wagon rear suspension ideas

    This reinforces my idea of loading all my fab equipment into a truck and touring around the country like a band, sleeping on floors while doing fab work.
  9. 7MX63

    x3 wagon rear suspension ideas

    Ladder bars, 3 link, 4 link. What about just switching to coils in the rear? You can buy a spring perch from most hot rod builders. I've never seen the underside of an X3 so I don't know how much room you have to work with.
  10. Still waiting on the local waterjet shop to call me back. I am having the engine-side plates waterjetted for aesthetics and to get the pieces done quicker. I already received my quote back, I'm just waiting on an ETA.
  11. Finished fitting the X7 mounts at brian's house. Works with VVTI 1J, should work with TT's also. Also sent out some pieces for waterjetting. Depending on the design I can come up with, the next round of X7 mounts might be more expensive since they are a bit more involved to make.
  12. 7MX63

    X8 Kidhauler Baller

    Those AC blocks were spares I had. I just used them for mock up so I didn't have to do this shit once it's in the car. I'd rather do as much as I can while the engine is on the stand.
  13. 7MX63

    X8 Kidhauler Baller

    Mounting the 7M lines on the 2JZ, without grinding the powersteering bracket: Countersink the blocks, use a countersunk M8 x 1.25 30mm long bolt.
  14. 7MX63

    X8 Kidhauler Baller

    ^ Exactly. If you put in a dirty/greasy/oily engine, how the hell do you keep track of which leaks are new and which are old? Fuck that noise.
  15. 7MX63

    X8 Kidhauler Baller

    ^ You can. Anybody can. I'm not doing anything special other than cleaning it, and adding a small detail item here and there.