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  1. Same withhh an exedy hyper single. Doesen't like it if you drop 3rd from a low speed. Takes kicks and 2nd gear launches fine though.
  2. mumblezzz

    X pics only!!!!

    Thats a C35. pic.
  3. mumblezzz

    yosh: pass

    Hahaha yeah JZX100.com = TC.net Fucking bunch of homo's withh no balls.
  4. mumblezzz


    18x8.5 +3
  5. mumblezzz

    Bee R on 1J?

    Had one on mine for a while. It was good for showing off but it would always cut prematurely around 4k rpm. It only works well on nissan ignition systems. All the toyotas I've seen withh them have sucked.
  6. mumblezzz

    yosh: pass

    Ripped from JZX100.com Has manual and wants to thrash. This isn't fucking ziptied stop acting cool. Pass from me even though he's tasmanian
  7. mumblezzz


    Cressida what?
  8. mumblezzz

    no power steering. wtf!! AGAIN!! UPDATE 8/17/08

    Yep, its fucked. Mine did the same. turns smoothly when the car is off but hard as hell to turn when driving. I gambled withh a junkyard rack and it was good until my car got smashed.
  9. mumblezzz

    tommy timms ausie no pics- pass

    pass for brisvegas pass for JzedX
  10. mumblezzz

    bypassing electrical speedo

    There should be a spd output on the cluster that you can hook to the SPD pin on the ECU.
  11. mumblezzz

    Rob Martinez = fence pass

    need Vids and nudes.
  12. mumblezzz

    seth smith ausfailiaaaaaaaaaa

    Pass. But ban his arse back to TC.net if his shits weak. I've yet to see an X83 in aus that was cooler than mine.
  13. mumblezzz

    Ameen's cressida

    Yeah looks like the destruction king bumper you find on Yahoo! from time to time.
  14. mumblezzz

    I've gone and done it again!!

    Looks cool. But now the rest of the car needs to be as ludicrous.
  15. Fuck yeah! Crown Athlete's are badass. A bit of a change for Tokita going from bosozoku to yakuza.