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  1. quoted from tc.net fuck my condolences.
  2. iheartMX83

    Hong Kong Sport BOV

    the stock 1j BOV's are pretty loud. they probly used a flanged BOV on the IC piping somewhere.. since its blocked off. when can i come over and check shit out celica drifter!!!!
  3. iheartMX83

    fs: blue 1990 x8 socal

    do it brian
  4. iheartMX83

    Brian's Cressida

    i was going to buy that bumper................................. looking good dude!
  5. iheartMX83

    Wheel fitment bitches x6!

    i need to meet up with more of you at toyo fest.... ima toss my x8 in there for shits and giggles.
  6. iheartMX83

    The Gentleman's Club

    honestly thinking about selling my 2jz-ge set up so i can fucken go 1j...........
  7. iheartMX83

    '79 jzx32 SHAKOTAN ZOMBIE

    ha i think you were in club BHG since august.
  8. what are you doing with your usdm corners ? are they still good and not cracked and stuff ?! me want.
  9. iheartMX83

    '79 jzx32 SHAKOTAN ZOMBIE

    cherry blossoms are fucken G. what happen to your pipes dude !?
  10. iheartMX83

    X8 1J swap electrical question

    its a PITA to bolt them back up.. amazingly.. i bolted mine all back up. win.
  11. iheartMX83

    jzx73 updates 11 days left =(

    what fans are you running ?
  12. iheartMX83

    what really is bullshit....

    yep. w58 bolt spacing is different than r154. source out a r154 one.
  13. iheartMX83

    ok fuck tranny

    i had a similar thing happen to me. trans shifted like shit. i pulled my shifter out and my white shifter bushing popped off. put it back on and everythings fine. i just put some mt90 and that shit shifts nicer
  14. iheartMX83

    Don't know if any of you guys can use this

    modded ecu suck....
  15. iheartMX83

    just some pics of my x83

    i like my non abs
  16. i want me some of that solid urethane mounts... pictures ? ima take a machining class and ima make some.
  17. iheartMX83

    just some pics of my x83

    is it non abs too ? hardtops are sex.
  18. iheartMX83

    1jz install ?

    i gone through bottls of FIPG. best sealing shit in the world. the stock sealant on the oil pans are pretty much not going to leak. if the metal oil pan is dented, bang that shit out and reseal it. front and rear seals are a must if you have the engine out of the car, so is timing belt. timing belts on the jz's are pretty fucken easy, cant really screw it up. replace all brittle hoses. i pretty much said what everyone above me said ha. dont forget to use sealant on the flywheel bolts !
  19. iheartMX83

    Eastwood Fender Roller

  20. is it jsut me ore does it make the wheel fitment look a little weak ? i think i just need to see it all painted. either way. keep it up.
  21. iheartMX83

    Build thread for my "Kerr"

    i missed out you should of hit up the junkyard and got you a chasis or someshit. on a few mins from the port.
  22. iheartMX83

    poor mans cressida.