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  1. my crank pulley came apart at 6500 rpm at fucken work on friday. fucked up my serp. tensionor pulley... so i ended up putting the light weight underdrive pulley, and payed 1000$ for a 1jz serp, tensionor pulley...... the pulley came with a 1j tho.. so eh. the underdrive pulley feels fine, no problems. i rev the shit out of my car, dump gears, downshift all day long. drive 100+ miles a day. no problem.
  2. iheartMX83

    VVTi talk

    dude. sell me your 1j. now. did a 1jz mk3 vvti, felt like less power then a regular 1j. but the power was sooner and just fucken haullled ass everywhere.
  3. iheartMX83

    less celica, moar cressida!

    we should go cruising 120 one day dude!
  4. iheartMX83

    My build....1UZ powered hahah

    insulate the coil packs ?
  5. iheartMX83


    shit should be in a glass case epic. i love this car.
  6. iheartMX83

    less celica, moar cressida!

    raise the idle screw. fuck the 7m
  7. anyone have hook ups on quick releases and hubs ? i dont wana put my wheel on without a quick release.... fucken live in long beach ha.
  8. iheartMX83

    JDM 7M vs USDM 7M

    na 2j..... beat the shit out of mine , doesent burn oil, runs fine, about 35,xxx of red lining daily. 100mile round trip to work. can a 7m do that ?
  9. iheartMX83

    WTB: STOCK R154 shifter

    dude. i didnt even see a mk3 in pick a part wilmington.
  10. iheartMX83

    Front Lip Source

    i got the same lip. heres a side shot.
  11. iheartMX83

    Looking for new engine

    youll be happy with the 1j.
  12. iheartMX83

    Looking for new engine

    mechanical fan waterpump, your going to have to beat the trans tunnel to fit that trans in there, and might have to trim out the shifter hole a bit, looks like a extended shifter on it. its a front sump engine... dont think any soarer was front sump. might be a jzx90 engine set ? has the later model ecu plugs.
  13. ive rebuilt a couple starters this way. pretty easy since some starters are fucken exspensive now these days. you can probly pull starters at the junkyard and open them up and pocket the good contacts.
  14. iheartMX83

    fcd or bcc

    Driftmotion is now a carrier of TurboSmart products !
  15. iheartMX83

    Looking for new engine

    theres a reason why the cars in the junkyard. try and get one from someone doing a 1j or 2j turbo swap. drive it. check it out. buy it. haggle with dirt.
  16. check your shifter bushings. what gear oil you using ? i threw in some mt90, got marlin shift seat and a brass insert for the shifter socket along with a new shift socket bushing. it use to clunk around before now it shifts pretty good. hell when the driveshaft seal leaked like a mother fucker and i drove on it with pretty much no oil for 2 months it shift fucken great ha.
  17. iheartMX83

    less celica, moar cressida!

    haha dont waste time on the 7m. rear seats are cake to take out. youll be able to fit more tires that way
  18. iheartMX83

    I been in and out the bank, bitch.

    look at the ECU. it has those post in the middle. Seems to be a later model 1j, jzx90,
  19. We have pulleys in stock now. buy them up !
  20. that pulley is pretty pricey for what it is.... i just threw on a DM pulley set on comes with mech. fan pulley. so i have my metal mech. fan pulley just sitting in a box. thinking about it. early JZ engines used the bigger stud spacing, same as ls400. and i think later JZ used smaller bolt spacing like 7m style. we had a 1jz vvti and it had a smaller 7m bolt spacing.shit was tripping me out. ls400 fan clutch = 2j water pump pattern with smaller 7m fan blade pattern. i used this on my set up. then i went electric cause i can.
  21. iheartMX83

    wtb DM ct26 - 1jz kit

    i couldent get a video of the fucken car. dude picked it up on a saturday
  22. iheartMX83

    wtb DM ct26 - 1jz kit

    or you can do the 60-1 ha. the ct26 kit is on a pretty much mk3 shell with a steering wheel ha. so its in a pretty light car. ill get a vid asap.
  23. iheartMX83


    its a battery from fucken Costco i think it says Kirkland on it HAHAHA. i just checked it.