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  1. iheartMX83

    W-series Tech

    holy fuck my interior use to look clean as hell.
  2. iheartMX83

    less celica, moar cressida!

    in the butt
  3. iheartMX83

    hang yourself

    :insert face-palm:
  4. iheartMX83

    poor mans cressida.

    waiting for a junkyard special. just how i roll.
  5. iheartMX83

    poor mans cressida.

    yep. got it running night before toyotafest. drives great. w58 still holding. so far about 1500miles on it. 1jz,,, tiiiiiits.
  6. iheartMX83

    jzx90 mount brackets

    foooooo saalllee. came off a front sump bigger plug 1j. 100$ throw me offer. prefer local pick up,
  7. dude... are you from downey ca ? fuck buy my x90 ones.
  8. iheartMX83

    jzx90 mount brackets

    bump. 90$ for the mounts still have the rubbers on them. firm on the brake set up. LMK. will deliver Local.
  9. iheartMX83

    jzx90 mount brackets

    just sitting paper weights ha. bummpppss also have x32 30mm aluminums that i need to get rid of. with rotors.... 150$
  10. iheartMX83

    jzx90 mount brackets

    Long Beach Califuckenornia. local pick up / delivery prefered
  11. iheartMX83

    jzx90 mount brackets

    thanks for the comfimation! ha.
  12. iheartMX83

    jzx90 mount brackets

    from my understanding. take the exhaust side and put it on the intake side and intake on exhaust side. and it fits the same as jzx81 mounts. but sits the engine back about like.. less than a 1/4 inch or so. best to use in later model crossmembers.
  13. iheartMX83

    HKS 264 cams for non-vvti 1j

    these cams actually sold today.
  14. iheartMX83

    HKS 264 cams for non-vvti 1j

    we have a pair, brand spankin new! need to sell!
  15. iheartMX83

    jzx90 mount brackets

    no offerss ??!?! im broke as fuck!
  16. iheartMX83

    jzx90 mount brackets

    haha nah i needs the cash.
  17. iheartMX83

    poor mans cressida.

    car made 170 whp with the 2j with 240xxx miles on it. still doesent smoke or burn oil!!!!! just swooped up at x90 engine set. swap starting in about 9 hours as im going to fucken sleep now. swap done by midnight or sunday?! pictures videos soon enough. semi recent picture
  18. iheartMX83

    SOCAL 1jz vvti power fc

    what ever it comes with new in the box. might be a tad more for shipping. might be able to work something out. ill get some pictures up
  19. iheartMX83

    HKS 264 cams for non-vvti 1j

    Fuck i already forgot how much i think it was 900$ Aaron wanted. Just give us a call. They are just sitting on the shelf. took us 4 months to get.
  20. iheartMX83

    FS: 2jz-ge engine set

    2jz-ge out of a 96 sc300 with 130xxx miles on it. original 5 speed engine so it has the 5 speed harness. owner said it ran before pulled, about 15% leak on a couple of cylinders but most likley due to carbon build up or bits, should be no problem. i havent had a chance to run it yet. comes with ecu, air box and crap with maf, igniter, coil uncut harness, pretty much no external oil leaks. took tge valve covers off and looks pretty freakin good. the bad, no powersteering pump no ac pump no trans. asking 450$ sold as is. Also have 30mm z32 aluminum calipers and slotted rotors for 200$ sold as is...
  21. iheartMX83

    Are you guys still alive?

    busssssssy asssssss fffffffffuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  22. iheartMX83

    X83 1jz Cutting Out/ Boost with No Power

    had a 1j in a mk3 do shit like pop and stutter under throttle.drive it barley touching the pedal, revved fine... dude kinked the fuel line comming out of the tank. fixed it, drove off, boost fine. did you check the circuit board in the ecu for cap juice? insulate the coilpack penises? codes? tps? also had a car with poor ground... injectors just spewed gas, was soo bad when you disconnected the injectors completly
  23. iheartMX83

    Clattering Noise

    crank pulley... my tensionor doesent spin smooth by hamd but works fine. my motor made a clank clatter noise before the shit separated. noticed the noise when start then gone when reved. make sure you torque it back down. 190ft or some shit for crank pulleys
  24. iheartMX83

    1989 2J cressida

    bring it by the shop some time dude! looks good!