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  1. Jzz30 1jz ecu 250$ obo 1jz igniter with pig tails and clips 120obo Text me 5624802019
  2. iheartMX83

    x81jz flooding and hydro locking

    had a problem with a car doing this (dude powder coated intake manifold) car came in. flooding to shit.. unplug injectors and the would start and run. flooded to shit. threw good grounds to manifold. done.
  3. switched from mobil1 5-30 to rotella T syn 5-40. goood stuff.
  4. sounds like you got a differnet problem. check plug gap and insulate the coilpacks. should be hitting cut on thos around 14 15 ish. and it would feel like a hard jolt. and i believe there also might be something with the auto trans that makes the car do that.
  5. so you got a neo with a fuel cut defencer ? you shouldent need the defencer.
  6. iheartMX83

    EFI - Fuel Cut?

    dont up boost if your going to use a fcd (blow your shit) box. its weird, my buddys sc hits cut at 15 psi.... ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh #ilostthegame
  7. i ran mobil 1 5 30 in my na 2j and my 1j, no problems. 2j had over 260xxx on it, and i beat the fuck out of it for its last 80xxx miles i put on it. i use it in my 1j for about a year noww, no smoking nothing, just leaky valve cover gaskets. i drive this up to 10xxx cause im a lazy asshole. since its summer tho ima do some 10 30. what evers clever, should of just stuck to conventional, aslong as you change it pretty frequently you should be fine.
  8. iheartMX83

    Turbo - 1jz single turbo boost problem

    18 psi with your set up, id do a .025
  9. iheartMX83

    EFI - 1j boost cut issues stock

    are the caps in your ecu fucken up ? get that shiit repaired before it eats through the board
  10. 1j starters. peices of shit cant rebuild them. 2j starter , fact, works, smaller then 7m , holes are threaded. 7m, really only difference is threaded holes or not, thus having the get longer bolts with nuts. 2j i believe cost a shit fucken ton more. but the 2j and 7m are easy to rebuild as it uses 2 copper contacts and a circular plunger. ray i has, ill bring it in tommorw. its a 7m one. i think its threaded.
  11. iheartMX83

    US,CA 300zx caliper brackets

    where in ca ?
  12. iheartMX83

    Xcessive MX83 Rear Lower Pillow Ball

    if you want, i can test these in the rough streets of long beach and la, i drive about 100 miles a day still
  13. i can do it in a min if you ship it to california
  14. iheartMX83

    Xcessive Manufacturing

    i need that sperical shit bad, right rear boogies on its on on left turns. XM going to get a order in from me for a some shit soon.