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  1. Found this pic in a gallery for HIN Honolulu
  2. Krammy-Toe

    1985 X72 wagon

    nice!! i need to get another wagon sometime
  3. Krammy-Toe

    X7 fitment: pics, tips, advice and all that

    damn that's hot
  4. Krammy-Toe

    cressidas are dumb...

    hot!! i always wondered what doritos would look like on an x7. well now i know.
  5. Krammy-Toe

    The shit you've NEVER seen. . JZ-ROD

    how bout a stack cluster ahaha
  6. Krammy-Toe

    The shit you've NEVER seen. . JZ-ROD

    doood that is sooo dope!!!!!! can't wait to see this thing done
  7. Krammy-Toe

    My baby got new shoes!

  8. Krammy-Toe

    Work Equips and some lame jdm shit

    looking good. always wanted the equip 02's for my sedan.
  9. Krammy-Toe

    MX72 wagon f/s SoCal

  10. First and foremost, for those who didn't yet know, the car is totalled... BUT the damage is not all that bad and the car is still very much driveable. I was driving the car for a couple months following the accident as I was trying to work withh my insurance so it is still very much a running car. I have a repair quote for those interested as well. OK... now on withh the details (PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY AS TO MINIMIZE ANY QUESTIONS!!): ORIGINAL factory 5-speed Cressida withh Sport package (TEMS, Supermonitor, factory pleather interior, etc) When I bought the car 2 years ago it had just over 120k miles on the odometer. It was missing a few things and had some minor damage/things missing etc - Passenger side headlight and side marker was broken, passenger side front fender had some scratches and damage. The fender was replaced by previous owner, repainted poorly and I guess damaged again as there were still scratches and damage when I bought the car. The headlight washers were also missing, as on the passenger side the lower headlight trim piece was a standard one, the driver side one had the hole for the washer nozzle but was plugged withh black electrical tape. What I have replaced since I've owned the car: Passenger side headlight & side marker Installed headlight washers driver and passenger side OEM Toyota front lip (brand spanking new from dealer installed on car for over a year now) OEM Toyota spark plugs OEM Toyota spark plug wires OEM Toyota Cap & rotor OEM Toyota RED radiator fluid, system fully bled Neo brake fluid, system fully bled Neo LSD oil flushed and replaced Neo Tranny oil flushed and replaced NEW Aisin fuel pump Ebay front grill for 85-86 Cressida (damaged in accident) Ebay OE fit hood struts Rear brake rotors, drilled/slotted (have the fronts too, just not installed yet) New SBC rear brake pads Rear license plate surround What I've installed since I've owned the car: Clifford Matrix security system w/ trunk pop solenoid (will include withh the car) Pioneer/Premier DEH-P680MP CD/MP3/AAC head unit w/ remote (will need to verify model) Sylvania Silverstar superwhite headlight bulbs PIAA superwhite corner bulbs and interior dome light Suspension Techniques 1.3" drop springs for MA60 Supra Personal Boss hub for Toyota Tom's/Personal steering wheel w/ red TOM's horn button Now on withh the pictures: I was quoted at $1600 to repair and repaint the damage to the hood, hence the reason why the insurance decided to total the car. But otherwise, it still runs great. ASKING $2500 OBO, damage included and all, you repair yourself. Hell, get CF replacement hood. SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY PLEASE. NEED TO SELL ASAP. Thanks. PS, the car is currently registered Non-op so it will need smog as well. Please PM or e-mail me @ kae86ru@hotmail.com
  11. Krammy-Toe

    Please post bad ass x6 pics

    if you're talking about the all brown one that's an mx41 mark II (more or less our cressida), the two-tone gold/brown one is a gx61 mark II