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  1. Hey all, I have the following parts for sale: 3" JZX81 kakimoto exhaust, decent shape - $350 shipped Modified JZA70 3" trust dp to fit the X8 chassis - $125 shipped 3" test pipe - $50 shipped hydraulic fan ecu - $40 shipped JZX81 hydro fan shroud w/ fans - $75 shipped uncut JZX90 engine wiring harness in excellent shape - $250 shipped 2JZ W58 bellhousing - $225 shipped 2JZ W58 flywheel - $180 shipped 1JZ head withh cams - $225 shipped I'm open to all reasonable offers. please add 3% if paying by paypal. pm, e-mail, or send me a message on aim to get a hold of me. pics will be up shortly. thanks! e-mail: crazydc2@hotmail.com aim: yellowscreamr
  2. ken

    my dad's JZX83

    thanks for the replies. I have a set of 5zigen FN01RCs that I might throw on there if I don't plan to use them for my car. Not sure though.
  3. ken

    my dad's JZX83

    Hey guys, here are some pics of my dad's 1J swapped Cress that I did for him. Needs a drop I know, but I've spent enough money on it already so I'll leave that up to him, lol. lmk what you think! 8)
  4. dang, you guys are badass. big thanks!!
  5. Hello everyone I've been reading up on putting Z32 calipers onto the MX83, but one thing I'd like to know is that do I need any kind of adapter to put these brakes on? The calipers look like they bolt right on, but how about the rotors? Which rotors do I use? Is there any kind of machining of the hubs or any of that stuff to fit on a specific rotor, or is it safe to assume that I can use Z32 rotors? Thanks!
  6. thanks! this really helped A LOT.