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  1. Haha Carlos. Great responses. Car looks dope man!!! Another solid looking car for the Northwest RWD community. PROPS for doing your own thing, taking that particular car to the next level!! Once the coilovers and other bits are in you'll love it even more.


    Love the color, like the wheels a lot, the brushed face looks awesome with that color (though, for the sizes you're running you could've gotten more lip with a different wheel), needs to be lower once the coilovers are on, the center garnish "diffuser" area should be black, and the exhaust needs to be longer/shinier/bigger. Other than that, FUCKIN GREAT JOB!!!


    I suggest 265/30-19 rr and our specific spring rates and that rubbing'll be better. 😉



  2. I wish you would've had this kit out earlier in the scene. Most anyone would never be able to figure out what the fuck it was. People used to think my X8 was a newer car back in 04.


    The X8 front has never wanted a matching front bumper even from factory. So I guess it's a passable offense. The car looks sick otherwise. I like the ghost mid line and matching vinyl graphics.

    Im not sure what you mean? The front bumper is not off of anything else it is completely SERIALNINE. If you mean the car, yes.. it now looks completely unlike a cressida.


    Whats a ghost midline?



  3. It's actually unbalanced stock but with the (18mm) FD rear bar it's great. One of the best mods I've done for drifting. Different setups usually for American vs Japanese setups. US prefers big assed away bars and soft springs. JDM style is harder springs and not much bar. But at the end of the day it's all personal preference. And drifting setup is diff than grip esp depending on who you're talking to.


    I ran 12/11 with stock front and FD rear bars (urethane bushings) and Heim jointed everything . Worked great for what I did. Especially contrary to current FD type setup of super soft rear susp. No thanks.



  4. You can use FD3S rear bar that is what im using.. stock is 18mm or something.. with the coilovers and stock front bar (urethane bushings etc) its great. . If you wanted to you could easily use aftermarket FD bar (racing beat / tanabe etc)


    use the stock FD brackets etc. . ONLY difference is the end link needs to be diff configuration. . Im using stock R32 GTR but corolla rear (91 i think) is same config. . opposing stud vs same facing stud. .



  5. Gerard, you have some good points.

    Jose's mexican connection nose is shipped by bus, and a pain in the ass for someone like me that is 18 miles across a major city to go pick up,

    and is just as wavy as your chinese stuff. But it was meant to be cheap shit to bust up on a drift car. Most of our kits are on drift cars as well. .


    And I would hate it if someone came into my build thread to complain about my business.

    But then again, when you came in to my thread, showing your front tension rods,

    and telling me that I shouldn't be using 'just a washer', I didn't get all defensive.

    I could see you were talking out of your ass, and self promoting. No big deal. Just wanted to give you some ideas of how I did it, as well as constructive feedback from a design standpoint.

    I am not selling them, have no intentions to, and besides, you dropped the project anyway, which makes me wonder why you came in to my thread, and said what you did.


    I have owned 2 sets of your X8 subframe bushings, and always told people I liked them.

    Wouldn't even think at going poly again, unless they were dirt cheap. (XM's aren't)

    But when I went to install them, I could tell they were made by someone with limited design experience.

    I made a lot of shavings getting them to where I wanted.

    The bores were just too tight for installing into a stamped & welded subframe, going onto a stamped & welded unibody.

    Toyota does not hold anything resembling close tollerances on stamped & welded components, and with the bores just being a few thousands over the diameter of the OEM bolts, maked instalation tough, to say the least. And I took a bunch of material off to take some of the weight off them. That was a personal choice, not a requirement.

    I think if you ran a little larger bore in them, you would get a lot less complaints. And it would not effect their performance one bit, as once the bolts are snugged down, they can't move anyway. This is not a design flaw, but a decision to forego ease of installation for maximum performance, I had a few revisions of the X8 subframe bushings before ending up with those final measurements. .The first set had holes smaller than stock but large enough to easily slide onto the studs, as well as the OD's being on the side of easy install. After driving on them aggressively and checking the final position in relation to the initial position after install we noticed they had moved.. After re tightening again thinking possibly they weren't tight enough and getting some more miles on them, you could definitely notice the alignment change, esp after drifting, the transitioning would move the subframe ever so slightly enough to throw out your critical alignment settings, as well you could hear them creak under moderate load (a steep driveway or a U-turn with a welded diff) .. I thought "why install something that is in one way better than stock (solid) yet worse than stock in another way?" (the stock ones would at least return to the original alignment position) We tightened the tolerances up and tried them on three different chassis that we had, and after one more slight resizing and testing, we deemed it better to be tighter and have a slightly harder install DEPENDING on your chassis. Only three modifications were ever required for successful installation: 1-file the stamped holes on the subframe due to out of roundness of the stamping, 2-putting the removable factory studs in a vice and sanding the shank with some emery cloth for less than 5 minutes. and finally, the third potential problem is the ID of the subframe "tube" (where the stock bushings sat) vs the OD on our solid one. This area is ALWAYS rusted and was quite difficult to measure accurately to generate a precise corresponding OD. After sanding and further measurement we deduced that this "tube" is in fact slightly tapered and a certain OD of bushing could be used that would fit tightly with proper sanding of the rust, some elbow grease and a dead blow. All three of which I have walked two customers through on the phone and don't take more than an extra hour including trial fitting.


    The rest of the customers figured it out on their own, knowing that the end goal was ABSOLUTELY NO MOVEMENT. .


    But guess what, If I had another X8 to do, I would buy S9 bushings again. Thanks for another compliment!


    Guess your issues with the X7 bushings, is that you put prototypes out, and without any disclaimers. Again, some pieces made for a my personal X7 project even before I decided to start SERIALNINE. The first bushings sold were X8 ones. Only AFTER testing on Emag_dnim's X7 did we come out with X7 ones.

    I would have stamped them 'experimental', or 'prototype', waited for feedback from competent builder, and went from there.

    Sending them out to a run of the mill cressida guy, who may or may not been able to install a new oil filter without help, and then him selling them to someone else that is a qualified machinist led to Rue's dislike of your product.


    LoL, you should give someone like Rue a job designing stuff. Thanks, but no thanks.

    That is a lot of XM's problems, he is taking what a couple of drifters think is good, and putting the crap into production, like that death trap harness bar. Agreed.


    Sorry I think your type-II nose looks like a '90s Eribuni accord piece.........

    But a lot of others like it, so what the fuck.

    Make it, sell it, and move on. I dont mind the criticism except when it comes with a bunch of useless other nonsense.


    PS, I still want a true drop vent fucking hood.

    Please go down, and steal DM's mold, and make some, damnit !! With that said.. we already have a hood at our manufacturer and ive wanted to make hoods forever.. just not sure how many would sell being different styles and all.. I was going to do one similar to ameens which is clean and functional, not too crazy. .If enough people were interested, I could make hood for sure. And we are doing a new roof wing as well.




  6. Except for the fact that there are many pages photos of cars with SERIALNINE parts on them?


    Explain to me why I would jack someone $200 for subframe bushings vs the $1000 plus for aero that every Cressida on the net with a bodykit has?


    As well we CAN ship full aero for $150 if you want to go greyhound with no tracking number and you have to go pick it up when it's estimated to be there and or wait for a phone call. Most ppl want tracking and door to door shipping. Which is $250-380 depending on where you live and if you ship to a depot or your door. And they're shipped from WA so nothing to do with being Canadian.


    I'm not here to get on my knees to convince a few people to buy my parts. You guys already have an opinion of me and that's your opinion, keep it. I'll just keep striving towards my goals.


    You guys are really up in a bunch about the fog lights hey? ANY set of factory fogs is in that range if not more. I'm sorry I did not incorporate cheaper fogs for JZX approval. If they were $100 would you guys buy them then? Probably not cuz the kit is "some knockoff accord kit" or "wavy Chinese shit"






  7. Good points.


    The parts are not too expensive, there are just cheaper alternatives. I've never wanted to sell cheap parts. I wanted to establish an innovative, quality brand, and it just so happened that I was into Cressidas. But were always working on that. The site does suck, it's terrible! Working on that as well. I'm not gonna beat a dead horse, but we've never stolen money or not shipped parts. There does exist a thread on here about that and to this day I have dudes package sitting in my shipping room. No communication from him after that thread. PM's/emails/phone calls netted his ex-workplace and some guy saying "ya send it here". No thanks. I'm not saying shit has taken long to ship. That is true. But now if we don't have an eta from a supplier I don't take the money. Simple.


    I understand the negative comments and trash talking can add up to lost sales. But have you been on JZX? Read how you guys talk? It's ludicrous, faggot this and gay that. It's hard to take someone seriously when they talk like a homophobic 13 yr old. And have any of these people instead of spending the time to trash talk me on here, simply wrote me an email saying " hey what the fuck" I'm not some asshole that takes ppls money to " build my car" and "go to Cali" or whatever. But I'm portrayed as that by a group of people that feed off each other's negativity and direct it towards SERIALNINE.


    I agree with the fact that a company shouldn't be on a forum gettin down and dirty with a bunch of children, but this is a forum and I'm just another guy on here. I am literally SERIALNINE. And it is what it is. Having a company takes away a LOT of personal freedom as far as social media on the internet, everything is regulated because you're representing your company you almost lose yourself and your individuality because you want to cater to a wider audience. (Not everyone wants to see cutesy pics of my 7month old son on my IG every day) But on JZX, IN MY BUILD THREAD. I'd like to be GERARD and have a bit of that freedom to express myself, not just SERIALNINE this and SERIALNINE that. It's only on here that you guys hate me so much, but these are still my roots, and this build thread is the story of my automotive life for the last 8 years. I didn't come on here for a long time because of all the bashing etc. and the fact that I wasn't doing anything Cressida related for a long assed time. But fuck it. Bash all you want. Now I did some dope assed CRESSIDA related shit, so I want to show you guys. I'm proud of the Type II, I think I've succeeded in redefining the X8 chassis. I've opened it up to a wider audience that needed to see it in a different light in order to garner it "cool". I know you guys prolly hate that fact that "fanboys" will be flocking. But once upon a time I wanted to build a car because I was inspired by something awesome. I'm just trying to inspire others with something awesome, and it happens to be a Cressida. I WANT to see people sell off their fully built S-chassis and build Cressidas. I personally want to see what those guys bring to the table, because I'm sorry, but there are WAY more dope 240s than Cressidas, and I do not enjoy looking at mismatched body panels, I'll fitting wheels, and three finger gap ride heights. Long time ago I predicted that the Cressida would be the next S-chassis and my friend retorted back "no fuckin way, MAYBE the next AE". Now while obviously that statement is impossible from a statistical standpoint, it is quite obvious that the Cressida has surpassed the AE in popularity, and is gaining every day. With the Type II I'm hoping to increase that popularity even further.


    When I see JZX81's in Dori-ten rocking SERIALNINE aero and coilovers and JZS161's in vip style with BREED fenders and CSL trunks, I'll be a happy man.



  8. We don't actually have any pics of them on as the car has no hazards (don't ask) and having one on at a time looked whack. We did film them in the vid but that part got cut out. Sooo ya. They're basically some amber SMD LED's mounted under the horizontal slat beside the fog opening that face forward. They're quite bright. We tried some side facing ones but they were so damn dim that they weren't very useful. We also wire the marker lights to flash alternately to the turn signal which looks cool. Esp if you have the JDM corner lights with signals and crazy LED 194's.



  9. Missed the part where I was crying. Sorry you live in Winnipeg man, I was born there and lived in Lynn lake (10hours north) for 9 years and i would NEVER go back. Wanna sell those coilovers?


    It's quite interesting how none of you guys have actually purchased anything FROM SERIALNINE, yet you still somehow have SERIALNINE parts and bash them publicly, as well as talk like you've dealt with me personally.


    Anyways, whatever. Here are some pics since this is a build thread.