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    FS: 2JZ-GE MT (JZA80)

    i did. . (not converted though. .) one guy wants the cluster.
  2. Gseventythree

    FS: 2JZ-GE MT (JZA80)

    Everyones SAYS " I would go 2JZ-GE more reliable etc. ." but not even ONE person wants this . . cool
  3. Gseventythree

    sweet new fronts

    I used to have HTS on my AE. . Very first set in Canada. . . . VERY precise damping. . Rebound was stiffer than what i was on. .. Full TRD ( 5 adj fr/8adj rr 8/6k) and UKIYA SHOKAI full coilovers. . Trd felt loose and harsh (comp damping was too hard compared to rebound).. even on full stiff. . Put the HTS's in and wow what a diff. . Felt very similar to JIC/TEIN ..VERY tight. . (springs withh the HTS were non coilover rear (KG/MM 5.7k or sum shit chopped one coil, and Hypercoil 8k front. .) No spacers used for the fronts. . -60mm cut from the case. . full tire tuck. . You will like those coilovers.. look kinda long though. . . :wink: Sorry for jacking the thread. .
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    Wheel color choice?

    CR kai's dont come in 10" width. .(18") and not +15, only +12/20 http://northwestnissans.com/board/showthre...ghlight=skyline those some pics of our skyline ..17x9+28 front 215/40 17 --18x9.5+20 rear 225/40 18 WORK Emotion CR-Kai bronzerolled fenders all around. . ( 18's goin on the front soon as well. .)
  5. Buddy of mine's MA70 pretty sick, you wouldn't believe the sound of this thing on boost. .. driving it. . FUCKIN WOW. . :shock: Videeo and sound hopefully coming. .AND HE DRIVES IT . . .PROPER. . :wink: 92 1JZ-GTE 75,000km all stock motor head never off Custom single turbo manifold Tial 44mm W/G Tial 50mm BOV IHI RHC-7 P20 Custom 3" intercooler piping Spearco WAVE core 24x14v3.5in 80mm turbo back exhaust HKS 80mm High Power 440cc inj. from a MK4 JDM Supra 2JZ MAP sensor Mine's ECU NGK copper plugs S-AFC MK4 fuel pump 1.3 bar of boost (low boost) All work done by him. . the manifold Wrapped and ready to go. . turbo setup overveiw. . Engine bay shot. . . . I know its a supra. . .but this IS JZ x project. . not stock cressida withh mods in the future project. . . jk.. :wink:
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    1J single dyno/pics

    Oh really.. . thanks man . . . . I didn't know that. . . . :roll: notice the capitalized JZ I wrote in JZ x project. . and. . the pics DO work. . just right click and copy/paste the URL. . anyways the important one is the bottom one.. which does show. .
  7. Gseventythree

    1J single dyno/pics

    The pics worked last night . . . :roll: Azpartstrader .. ?
  8. looks simple but good. .. 1g NA though . . http://page13.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/r6469962
  9. Gseventythree

    too bad

    Have you guys ever DRIVEN RHD ? Driving RHD in north america (right lane driving roads) is somewhat difficult and annoying. . . . Lets say theres some asshole in a van in front of you that stops for no reason. ..Curb is on your right, and oncoming traffic on the left. . You CANNOT see around the van cuz you're on the RIGHT SIDE. . so you sit there like a fuckin idiot wondering if you should chance it and go around. . . . . . OR making left turns in traffic withh three lanes of oncoming. . . withh another opposing left turner directly in front of you. . You sit there getting honked at till it turns yellow/red. .cuz you cant see shit. .oh wait. . you're sitting super low in your bride bucket and your ride is tucking rim. . so it dont even matter if its a fuckin porsche in front of you, let alone a van or a rig. . . NOT to mention if you have xx amount of driving experience withh LHD. . you have to relearn again withh RHD. . Things that are second nature become new thought processes. . hmmm.. . YEAH . . thats what Id want to be thinking about mid drift (on the street) and a lil tooo close to the apex (curb) and need to hang it out that liiiittle bit more. . E brake is LEEEEFFTT hand.. . no thanks. . BUUUUUTTT yeha. .its JDM :roll: ( We have two skyline's and one cefiro RHD) YES I have driven RHD
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    wish list

    Lots of money so i can do what i want to any car i want.
  11. ATS actually converts the pull style back to push style actuation. . ATS twin and triple plate clutches are like this.. Neither way is stronger, just different design. Also. . its easier to change a clutch in a push style.. . fucking snap rings. . FD clutches are a bitch. ..
  12. Gseventythree

    X love

  13. The 1J head flows better. . combine that withh the 2J bottom end.. you get 1.5 JZ thats the ultimate combo in japan. 1J head is by YAMAHA, as in BIKE technology. . THATS where the high flowing high RPM capability of the STOCK 1J comes in. . And the shorter stroke helps withh that as well. Look it up.. 1.5JZ TORQUE and lots of it. S14 turbos are BB as well. . and they have VERY little lag. .(almost none. .) even in 5th gear @2000 RPM boost is had if you BREATHE on the gas pedal. .VERY tractable powerband for sliding. .(another reason they are soo popular ) falls off a bit after 6000 though. . sidenote.. Buddies 1J (in a A70 ) dynoes 320 @ 1bar around the same torque. . Intake/ Y-pipe/80mm EX/boost controller VERY nice powerband werd. . .
  14. OK . . . .so. . . . . . . . WERD. . is slang for cool, right on, looks good,nice car, fuckin dope, good find, tricked out, props and all that other bullshit. .. aight. .?? " the car looks good! " < that better. ?
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    NAh man. . you should drop the front another 1.5" and the rear .5" and roll all the fenders B4 you paint. . . So you dont have to crack new paint when you get your new wider and lower offset wheels. . . :wink: but otherwise.. That car is dope. . .Its nice to see someone who is TRULY onto these cars.. BTW what intercooler you running.. Stock chaser front mount. ?
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    no shit. .. i added in a few posts to check this site out. . (on thermactor)
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    HMMMMM.. .???? AAAAAAHHHH....... sorry for the small pics.. D1 entry built by Dwest. . lookswise.. my favorite 81. .SexeStyle aero. . .Advan wheels. . ONLY cuz its an RB26 DET (600hp) is it cool. . . This car looks 100 times better than TEZUKA's New D1 car. . (in the Gold Fleck) ill get my scanner online . . . i have a complete writup on this car.. . PS. . One of the reasons I like this site better than the OTHER one. . . .. .I can type WERD all day long. .. . .hahhha werd
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    Hey just wanted to say hi. .. and post some pics.. if i can figure this out.