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    Maybe a lil idea of what im doing..
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    Speedway/Track/Autocross drift car? New track vid

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    Tires - Best Bang for $$$

    Sidenote. I've NEVER chunked and ATR. . from stone cold to WHITE ROAST for one full lat @ PGP and no chunks.. just no tire left. G.
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    Tires - Best Bang for $$$

    Achilles ATR Sport!! Sticky, Tons of WHITE smoke. .excellent control. . cheap. . dont last too long though (due to the thick white smoke ) G.
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    x7 suspension

    X7 and X8 front tubes are the same. . Top hat orientation is slightly different G.
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    4 doors, more whores

    FCD sucks cocks.
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    4 doors, more whores

    Cutting too much with the AFC will cause other issues as well.. My car was breaking up sooo bad when it was areound -20% in certain areas. couldnt figure it out forever. . then i simply lowered the fuel pressure and bumped up the AFC to get the same A/F and it ran beautiful. . G.
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    Fuck FleXXX February!!!

    Fuck FleXXX February!!! SERIALNINE is having a promotion this month on Subframe and Diff bushings. $275 shipped for X8 Sub AND Diff bushings with a FREE T-shirt and Stickers! $175 Shipped for X7 Sub/Diff bushings with a FREE T-shirt and Stickers! (Price only good in Canada and Greater 48 States, email for further details) These are THE ORIGINAL and INNOVATIVE SERIALNINE Solid Subframe bushings that RAISE UP your X8 subframe to help correct geometry on lowered cars (approx.5 degree depending on your current ride height.) X7's also get the stiffening treatment with these bushings released back in 2008!! These are the same bushings run on Alex Lee's Formula D X8, Robert Turnbow's XDC X7, Kevin Petersen's Pro-Am X7, and many more X chassis all over the world.. This is the NUMBER ONE MOD you can do on these cars. Accept NO substitutes, buy genuine SERIALNINE QUALITY parts. Paypal is Gerard@SERIALNINE.com Watch and Share our fun video!! FUCK FLEXXX!!! [media=''] [/media] Hope you enjoy!
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    sooooo WOW I just reread this thread and was in awe of the abilities I had back then to actually get shit done in house. Things are harder now but life's a challenge so ya.. FUCK FLEXXX!!!!! Some pics of when we did the FUck Flexxx Video. X8 Subframe Bushings that raise your subframe up 10mm. X7 Subframe/Diff Bushings Some of the Custom shirts that come FREE with your FUCK FLEXXX!!! order Thank you to everyone that ordered up and only SIX days left to FUCK FLEXXX!!!! G.
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    Mk2 Supra Clutch pedal in X83

    Just saw this now. . I use MKII Clutch pedal bent slightly, rmove the extra over center spring shit and add a small 90(ish) degree brace that lines up perfectly with the existing hole under the dash . . . with Honda (EG) clutch master cyl with remote reservoir It lines up perfect save for the one long/one short arm lenth from center. One arm bolts right on and one is too long. All I do is punch out the one stud redrill the hole slightly closer and put the stud back in. Also needs a longer rod or more adjustment.. I double nut the pedal clevis and weld the nuts together effectively making the clevis longer and using the existing honda rod. This is the setup I have in both of my cressidas, and also every cress i've swapped.Bend the pedal to your desired location (I leave the big pedal for left foot braking) and you're done. G.
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    Aero Type II?

    Ya too bad about that cuz it was gonna be team 789 drifting this year cuz we had the full lineup. .but ya. . too bad.. mikey's in an X8 now so all good. But we have no aero for X9 sorry. . And no more X9 currently. G.
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    Aero Type II?

    If you look at most modern cars they have no door bumpers. Clean looking. no trim. G.
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    Aero Type II?

    Jsut to give you guys some ideas . .Since its probably hard to visualize. .. Here are a few cars that are my inspiration. So ya.. basically it will be sick. G.
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    Aero Type II?

    Hey Ya'll whatup.. WOW a poll on our aero. . Well First off.. The kit(s) is 100% on. Let me start with a bit of insight. As some of you know, I'm pretty heavy into VIP cars and VIPstyle influence etc. Studying magazines since 2003 I've seen the styles change, progress, regress and come full circle. Throughout those changes I've always liked the really clean, not too low almost OEM or euro style kits in that scene. Just a super clean car extremely low on sick rims. Wheel Biased. The wheels are the crowning jewel in the picture, the car and aero frame and compliment them, not overpower them These type of kits usually integrate more modern styling cues like diffuserish rears, rear marker reflectors/lights, vents, foglights, LED running lights, etc. The SERIALNINE Type 1 was created becuase I felt it was one of the "cleanest" available kits for X8 chassis back then, a balance between an agressive"drift" kit and something to accent the stock body. BUT I 've always felt it was also Aero biased on 80% of the cars i've seen it on. Not everyone is running 19x10.5's and has crazy fender work. etc. to match the aero. Not to mention I had to regulate my ride height with my aero. even simply going across the border to drift events, i'd rip my rear bumper off almost every time. (Border guards dont like that much) I've always wanted something sleeker and higher so I could DRIVE my slammed car and not worry about aero getting fucked on everything. and something that didn't need ridiculous rims to look awesome. Enter the SERIALNINE X8 Type 2 Aero kit. The Type 2 kit is a very sleek "clean" looking kit designed to modernize the car, bring it into the 2000's if you will. YES this was a concept i've had forever.. But did not have the resources/time/help to bring it into fruition. I cannot show you pics yet. partially because i've changed the skirts 5 times already. and I dont want people to generate an opinion on some half assed not even close to finished photos. Also with this being the first time i've ever made aero FROM SCRATCH, i'm not 100% on how many times it will take to get right, and I dont wanna create hype or take money for anything less than top notch. I will however describe some facts on the new kit. -The lowest height is not lower than the rocker panel pinch seam. (The framerail is lower than the sideskirts so drag frame all day!) -The front is much shorter and higher than the Type 1 kit. (Enabling you to get into driveways or have the car a full inch lower than you can with the Type 1 kit) -The rear bumper is SHORTER than the Type 1 as it is modelled off the GX81 almost "rollpan" looking bumper. (Giving it a smaller/cuter ass and changing the overall length noticably) -The complete kit will have lower door pieces (to smoothly integrate and transform the lower body and give it a more modern look) These are optional but the kit will look weird without them. -The bumpers will have NO trimline. i've always fucking HATED the X8 trim Bye Bye 1980's -The aero is reinforced (thicker) in critical areas (attachment points and areas prone to scraping) -The aero will take approx FOUR to FIVE MONTHS to get produced AFTER I finish the prototype (When we will take photos and show the final productand take deposits.) This is one of the main reasons I havent said anything as it is still quite far away. -They are made in the same factory to the same high quality spec as our Type 1 kits. This kit is designed to look good with moderate wheel/tire packages and AWESOME with aggressive-retarded wheel/tire packages. It will look good with 17x9's even. This kit favors SUPER LOW ride heights. -Front +25mm fenders (same as mine) are a definite possibility. The only current setback is I need a mint Driver side fender as mine was/is fucked. -Drop vent hood as well. We are also making an X7 Type 1 kit at the same time. -These update the look to a 1pce bumper style (a la AE86 aero or VW Golf Big vs Small bumper) -The style of this aero compliments the X7 and is boxy and stylish -Rear bumper is similar to what I had on the wagon but lower, quite short. -Side skirts are boxy and simple, not lower than pinch seam. -Overall style is slightly lower than stock with a lip, lean front and rear bumper, Wheel Biased kit will look good with most rim combos even 15's. -Imagine a Run Free AE86 but slightly larger with 4 doors and you're not too far off. -Rear trunk wing for X7 -Hood with intergrated URAS vent. NOW to address some concerns or potential concerns. -I will NOT take deposits untill I KNOW a realistic completion/ arrival date. My shipments come from overseas on a shared container with other companies, timing is DETERMINED by THEIR schedule, NOT mine. It is however usually every three months + or - a couple of weeks. I had issues in the beginning with Type 1 deposits trading hands and this and that so UNTIL I have a detailed schedule, I wont take any money. -These kits WILL get made, speculate or hate all you want, I have already shown that my aero is high quality, well finished, and proper fitting. It is produced in a large overseas factory that makes thousands of other kits, they only make aero. All I have to do is send my final prototype for moldmaking. -"Type 1 is too thin" Well, Type 1 is EXACTLY like every high quality JAPANESE aero kit. The front bumper is actually reinforced in a few areas. (the lower "lip" where it gets scraped, and where it meets the front fender and you put your zipties through.) If you make aero too thick or thicker, it becomes much heavier, and usually 4 zipties are all that hold it to the car, heavier aero is more prone to falling off or requiring addtional attachments hindering quick removal and installation. Lightweight and "strong enough" are key features of proper aero. Another thing, for drift cars, the aero gets either smashed or hit quite often, if the aero is too burly, the CAR itself gets damaged more often (fenders/lights/rear quarter/intercooler). EXAMPLE. I wall rode the PLASTIC barriers at PGP sortof backwards. My aero was simply scratched, BUT my quarter panel, where the bumper meets the body, was pushed in a significant amount, as if i got rear ended. JUST FROM THE AERO!!. I couldn't believe it. As I said earlier, Type 2 will be reinforced in critical areas, but will not be any thicker overall. That is all so far, and I guess the cat is sorta out of the bag. WE'll keep you updated on our progress and MAYBE a sneak peek or two along the way. Our goal is to have these kits in stock by JULY. So dont hold your breath, and we thank you for your interest in SERIALNINE products. G.
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    Who is SERIALNINE???

    Aight Y'alll. Figured i'd dust off the old JZXP account and actually contribute and stop being a bitch. For those that are new and do not know me, my name is Gerard de Peralta AKA Gseventythree. I ve been into Cressida's since '03 and was on JZXP fron the very start. I started SERIALNINE in 2008, basically built The most Gangster cressidas around, drifted them, and helped create this whole Cressida thing. Sorta fell off the boat in 2010/11 due to embarassment not being able to produce parts on time and a few other things. For those that do know me. I apologize for my absence. SERIALNINE has been quite a ride for me, building it up to what it is and learning the ropes at the same time. Getting fucked along the way and trying to streamline and grow my business. I used to contribute every day to help the community grow, inform and educate people about the ways of the awesome Cressida (X chassis), and show what I was up to and the progress of my builds. Anyways, enough excuses.. SERIALNINE is a small conpany consisting of myself (Gseventythree) and Kevin Petersen (Emag_dnim13) dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality, most innovative and functional performance parts possible. We do real Research and Development which takes time and money. We do not release something unless it has been tested by either one of us or one of our sponsored drivers. Speaking of which, we sponsor drivers in all levels of motorports. -Formula D---- Alex Lee -XDC----Robert Turnbow -Pro-Am----Kevin Petersen -Street/Grassroots and gangster shit-----Gerard de Peralta These parts get tested and tested hard, If you havent seen Kevin's signature MANIAC driving style (Dirt Drops/Jumps/Three wheel motions/Grinds) then you havent seen REAL driving style. Alex's progress from teenager privateer to the ONLY sedan in the top 16 Formula D field in Seattle, Rob's "Just Fuckit! missile style, and of course my super low 1.5JZ 6 speed Getrag equipped 500hp twin wategate fully fabricated everything monster X8. We have many other non full sponsor drivers running our products in all levels of Drifting as well. All of which can be found in videos or pics on youtube, vimeo, or google. WE were the FIRST to come out with the Solid Subframe Bushings/Risers, which raise up your subframe 10mm to correct rearend geometry and driveshaft angle/rub on lowered cars and get rid of over 1" of factory subframe slop. The FIRST to develop a PROPER inverted monotube damper for Cressidas. The FIRST to develop an RCA with remote adjuster for the inverted monotube damper which also has features like pressed in STEEL passthrough pins for the dowels (top and bottom) and 42mm thickness for LOW cars. I've had billet Short knuckles on my car since 2009. FIRST FULL COILOVER X7 coilover kit when everyone said it wasn't strong enough, or it wouldn't work , we are proud to report that after two and a half years of HARD abuse by Kevin the STOCK (unreinforced) LCA's have held up great. The team has been testing our tension rods for the past 1.5 years. FIRST to make QUALITY AERO. FIRST to do REAL fender work, first to do 19's, first to have a GETRAG etc. etc, ect. . . And many other things, I could go on and on, Basically the REAL DEAL. We dont fuck around and we make a HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT. There are a few new companies in the Cressida game now. Greetings Xcessive Manufacturing, you seem to have every part of the Cressida on lock. It's welcome competiton, and has forced me to step up my game, no more monopoly for SERIALNINE Anyways.. I just wanted to personally say HI! and whatsup to the jzxproject community that i've been neglegting for the past year or so. 2012 is an exciting year for SERIALNINE we have lots of new and exciting products that you guys will love and will ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO BUY!! hahah Kevin, Alex, and I are all building or rebuilding our cars in some way for the 2012 season, and you guys will once again drop jaws at the sheer ridiculousness of these cars. All in typical SERIALNINE fashion. So thank you guys for your time and patience. I promise we're back for good. Let the games begin. G.
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    The DD (Drug Dealing) JZX90 (Picture Intensive)

    That GSC shit is dope man. Wish they made 1j cams. Car is coming along nicely. G.
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    Just thought id add a vid from like a year and a half ago.. Just found it. Some good footage of my car in it. This is when i was running a stock rad setup due to ruining my BeCool one. 4:04 is my fave. Turn it up. [media=''] [/media] G.
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    Who is SERIALNINE???

    Holy shit. I have no idea whats goin on, and Ive said nothing bad about competing companies, in fact welcomed the challenge. I expected some hate/bashing and negativity but this is crazy.. I just wanna say, Im here to stay, Im a level headed dude and this internet animosity isn't my style. If they want me to pay to be here, I'll pay to be here. I PERSONALLY run the company and no it is not yet my full time gig. I apologized for the problems in the past and 100% agree with everyone that shit was not right. Hence the absence, I did not want to represent myself nor my company in some half assed lying fuck sort of manner. I did NOT have proper suppliers, I did NOT have any help, and I did NOT do a good job at running my business.. Congratulations to XM for being awesome, Im glad cressida owners have someone to turn to when I went under cuz the scene needs to progress, with or without SERIALNINE. With me what you see is what you get. I am not a machinist, I am not a businessman, I am a fucking regular dude that loves cars (especially RWD toyota sedans) and always had the dream of having my own parts company, manufacturing parts that are high quality, fully functional in every way conceivable, and engineered beyond anything that is currently available. This is not a sob story, its the truth. Every bit of SERIALNINE is our own money, no investors (working on it), no business partners, and no full time machining shop pumping out product, When i started S9, the scene was small, I could keep up. When the demand got larger, I leaned on some people to help me keep up with it, and instead they bent me over. SEVERAL times. And so it went, the scene progressed right past me. And all i could do watch watch from the grandstands as every day XM came out with new shit. In fact it was Edub (who i worked with through last summer) who would tell me every day that XM had this out or that out. . and I would just be like "werd" thinking to myself FUUUUUUCCKKK as my hands were tied. No help, No product. No JZXP presence. How many times can you say "sorry, its coming, sorry its at the platers, no i havent stolen your money, yes you can have a refund." before you just wanna dissapear. But instead of turning my tail and running away, I said FUCK THAT. got myself and my SERIALNINE crew (Kevin/Eric) together and decided to give it a real shot. I appreciate all of the support I have/had and can get, and honestly its surprising how many people are still down with S9, but comforting as well, as it means that i've done something right in the past to make that impression on you. I knew this was going to be hard, especially when i find out that all the people running the site hate me. But whatever, time will tell, as will the people on this board who either like SERIALNINE or dont. I dont expect people to understand, nor feel sorry for me, Just know that JZXP was my start, and Im here to give back to the community either with good product/service, knowledge about building/setting up/drifting cressidas or anything else to help the community GROW not stagnate. I have no excuses, I am not bashing anyone, and I am STILL making new parts that are sick as fuck. It just takes a little longer than others. G.
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    Japanese Buick Couture

    Hey Keith. Car looks and sounds awesome. Great vids and pics. I'm finally just getting back on here after about a year. Keep up the great werk! G.
  20. Single Borg Warner T4 divided turbo -3.5" (ovalized) - 3.5" exhaust (flattened under the diff) - 2x 3.5" SS tips. High rpm sounds nutz. Everywhere else it sounds like a truck. Raunchy as hell and loud as fuck. Used to have HKS 100mm can sounded beautiful but soooo big and I wanted that shitty awesome racecar sound. With both waste gates open plus this exhaust at 5000-8000 rpm it sounds amazing. . But unbelievably heatscore. G.
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    Who is SERIALNINE???

    Damn man. Thas crazy. I started using USPS cuz they offer better rates And there are more of them around. So far I haven't had any problems. This is another good reason to switch.
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    4 doors, more whores

    Ya man. We have the 3.5 degree machined strut tubes for our coilovers. So basically 3.5 deg at the knuckles and 3.5 deg at the top plate gives you 7 without extended lca's. This works better than NRCA cuz it doesn't completely change the steering arc/ackerman and scrub. But ya u have to get em with the SERIALNINE/STANCE coilovers. We have some other shit as well which you'll see soon enough. G.
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    Just thought id update this thread with some pics showing the precision fit of our Bushings.. Here is what they lok like when you get them. . Here is an overall pic of the lower half of the front diff bushing. . Closeup of the precise fit, no gaps and snaps right in. Here is is snapped in holding itself up to show the tolerance being very close and lack of slop. (and NO its not glued in or anything fishy, every subframe is slightly different due to the stamped construction, but this particular one was perfect!) Here is a closeup of the rear bushing pressed in. These are a press fit into the subframe but can be easily tapped in with a plastic or hard rubber mallet. (excuse the paint on the edge of the bushing) Rear view of same bushings. Overview of how they fit.with the subframe. We've found that with our solid subframe bushings, the tendency for the subframe to crack in the rear bushing area is GREATLY reduced, I have not had ANY problems at all with my subframe and it is NOT reinforced whatsoever. My drivetrain consists of 1.5JZ (403hp/449tq), Getrag 6MT, HKS GD PRO (twin plate UNsprung), polyurethane engine and transmission mounts (X4 cuz the getrag has one mount on either side of the DS), Custom slip yoke DS, welded diff, and various tire and wheel combos, most notably my street setup which is 235/35-19 ATR sport on a 19x10.5 wheel. somewhere in the neighborhood of 60lbs a side. Clutch kicking and this particular setup is especially hard on the diff bushings as Im pushing a very large diameter, extremely heavy wheel and tire setup, Regardless of how much torque I have (lots) To get these spinning is taxing on every component in the chain expecially hard with stiff engine and tranny mounts. I was worried about the three bolt mounting at this power/grip/weight level and was contemplating doing the 4 bolt supra diff mod. But upon further inspection it looks as if its held up quite well. Im going for bigger power this year but will keep the 3 bolt setup to see the limits of its design. Hope ya'll like the pics, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. G.
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    Who is SERIALNINE???

    Holy.. KK everyone just relax.. I apprecieate all of the props and continued support.. Coming back to JZXP I realized just how much hostility and E thuggin is goin on. . I guess now with the Cressida bandwagon in full swing there are Noobs and OG's and everything in between trying to get on here and into Cressida's in general. I admit I was a pretty big anti 240 (Nissan) guy and thought X chassis (Toyotas) were the best thing since sliced bread. . That attitude gets us nowhere and all we can really do is accept change.. I respect and appreciate anyone who builds a dope cressida regardless if its for drifting, drag racing, or just looking cool. If you've put blood sweat and passion into your car.. Fuckin eh thats awesome.. I dont really care if you used to have a honda or a 240 or a fucking lambo. . NOW you are into Cressidas. . If you can help push the scene, more power to you.. I've had my Cressida heart broken a few times when "homies" were all into building a dope cress with all of my knowledge and resources, getting all excited to have a bigger crew and roll strong with the sickest cars to ever lay black strips down the road. Only to see them ditch the project a few months later cuz it was just a fad or the next shiniest thing caught their eye and Cressidas were just too much work. . then thought to myself "why should I help anyone that isn't commited?" (crying to myself in a corner with a razor blade in my hand of course haha) Hell I used to have a 400hp civic as well as my AE while watching Tezuka in the primer chaser/markII thinking, "damn.. thats the coolset thing ive EVER seen. . . . We all came from somewhere.. and now were here.. soooo lets just get along. . We all progress and grow, and if you're still here years later and or building or have built something you're proud of. . You're cool in my eyes. . I may not LIKE what you built.. or think its totally gay. . but thats just my opinion and you may think the same of my creations as well. But seriously. . They're just cressidas. . cars like every other car. .. only different. G.
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    MX83 Drifting

    Hey is this Rob? Talked to u a while back after seeing your vid with Gushi. Kev and I were watching Ur drifting. Man this thread is full of HATE!!! Just keep doin Ur thing man. I'm not a fan of the 7m either but fucking who cares. This dude can drive and he DOES drive. Y'all should just relax. Anyways. Just wanted to say whatup. G.