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  1. Gseventythree

    JZX81 Mark II - Yamaha Concept

    Haha Carlos. Great responses. Car looks dope man!!! Another solid looking car for the Northwest RWD community. PROPS for doing your own thing, taking that particular car to the next level!! Once the coilovers and other bits are in you'll love it even more. Love the color, like the wheels a lot, the brushed face looks awesome with that color (though, for the sizes you're running you could've gotten more lip with a different wheel), needs to be lower once the coilovers are on, the center garnish "diffuser" area should be black, and the exhaust needs to be longer/shinier/bigger. Other than that, FUCKIN GREAT JOB!!! I suggest 265/30-19 rr and our specific spring rates and that rubbing'll be better. 😉 G.
  2. Gseventythree

    Lots of Coil Over Springs !

    got mine thanks!! G.
  3. Big things happening man! Your car is gonna be sick!! G.
  4. Gseventythree


    You cant really see them, they're under the horizontal slat beside the fog. Nothing special, just some SMD LED's that are recessed a bit so you can only see them when they blink. Tried some flush mounted Side emitting ones but they were not bright enough. G.
  5. Gseventythree

    X pics only!!!!

  6. how much for the brakes? G.
  7. Gseventythree


    Im not sure what you mean? The front bumper is not off of anything else it is completely SERIALNINE. If you mean the car, yes.. it now looks completely unlike a cressida. Whats a ghost midline? G.
  8. Fuck yeah man!!!! Can't wait to cruise this summer. G.
  9. Gseventythree

    Lots of Coil Over Springs !

    if those are the 62 or 65mm id then ill take em .. lemme know how to pay.. Id grab more but the JIC's are whatever. i wouldnt put them above generic kport/stance/xyz springs what do you want for the JIC's? G.
  10. Gseventythree

    Lots of Coil Over Springs !

    Ill prolly grab those if they're swifts. What do you have left? G.
  11. Gseventythree

    Lots of Coil Over Springs !

    Pics and brand of 24k plz G.
  12. Gseventythree


    LOVE your shit man .. keep up the good work!! email us for the trim delete! G.
  13. Gseventythree

    JZX81 2j and MX83 2j

    Now were talking!!!!! G.
  14. Gseventythree

    WTB Largus sway bars.

    It's actually unbalanced stock but with the (18mm) FD rear bar it's great. One of the best mods I've done for drifting. Different setups usually for American vs Japanese setups. US prefers big assed away bars and soft springs. JDM style is harder springs and not much bar. But at the end of the day it's all personal preference. And drifting setup is diff than grip esp depending on who you're talking to. I ran 12/11 with stock front and FD rear bars (urethane bushings) and Heim jointed everything . Worked great for what I did. Especially contrary to current FD type setup of super soft rear susp. No thanks. G.
  15. Gseventythree


    Ya it wouldn't look exactly like that. I was merely showing the vent configuration. Anyways. I'll just make one here and show pics. G.