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  1. No.. As in the steering column and quick release.
  2. The two people whose items didn't arrive were refunded. 2 out of the 100s of things I've sold online. Besides I'm not shipping this shit so come see/buy in person. I even sold you a momo hub for a x8 and you got it no issues. And if you didn't you never pm'd me about it nor filed a dispute with paypal.
  3. I'm not ready to part out the suspension. If the chassis sell's without the suspension I'll then sell off the parts I have left.
  4. http://www.coupesfail.com/
  5. I've been procrastinating doing this in hopes something would change but it's been 3 years and I still don't see myself being able to finish it let alone trailering it to events around the west coast. It was the cleanest donor chassis I've ever seen something like 60K miles (I'd have to double check) and it shows it. No accidents, never curbed, you could almost eat off the suspension. Factory black with no sunroof and a LSD rear end. Pretty much a fucking unicorn as far as X chassis goes. I've only seen one other sunroof free car and it wasn't this clean. Then we cut the trunk out removed all the sound deadening tubed the rear end and caged the car with all kinds of gussets and fancy sexy shit. Firewalled the rear, gutted the doors and even ditched the stock steering column. This thing will weigh under 3k lbs when it's complete. My last weighed 3100 with a 1j/r154 basic cage and no interior. It's pretty much ready for paint / wheels / engine / aero. I have $3800 worth of brand new goodies: Serial 9 / Stance coilovers. Solid Subframe and diff bushings. Steering knuckles and tension rods to clear the new steering angle. All still BNIB. Also have a fuel cell and some other odds and ends. At this point I have over $7000 into the car. I don't expect to get every penny I spent back just keep in mind the fab wasn't cheap and it's mostly TIG welded together and the car wasn't free either Since I have to post a price I'll say $7000 OBO but if you read everything above you'll make me a fair offer. I'm up for partial trades and potentially selling the chassis and suspension separately. Title is clear. Pics of the fab process can be found here: http://www.coupesfail.com/ I'm sure there will be plenty of shit talking so here is a preemptive fuck you.
  6. driftaholic

    Shops / Sellers (Good, bad, ugly...)

    What are you their mom or something? They can speak for them selves. I don't remember typing "once upon a time.." No stories here and no excuses either is there. Just a plain my shit got fucked up and an apology. Who are you to talk anyway. I've had no dealings with you.
  7. driftaholic

    Shops / Sellers (Good, bad, ugly...)

    I didn't fuck anyone intentionally for the last fucking time. I made it right to every one who contacted me. Go fuck yourself. I've been to a million events ran a season of xdc and not one single person has approached me about anything. I haven't hid my information from anyone. I've replied to every fucking PM, TXT, EMAIL, Phone call I've received. Stop acting like I pulled some kinda fucking scam or something 90% of the people who bought stuff got their shit and the other 10% got their fucking money back. Including REDBULLX83 even though publicly he says he didn't. Funny how his PM says other wise. Maybe he intentionally sold me the Aero to rip me off or maybe not. But I have still to receive the aero or the $1000 I payed for it. So a few people had fucking problems and I wasn't around to address that and I'm sorry. Lets not count the hundreds of things I've sold on here in a timely manner. The group buys and I've even sent people things I had laying around for free just to help them out.
  8. driftaholic

    The new x83 track car

    520.406.9000 Call me if you think I fucked you. I only intend to make it right. Hopefully this is the last place i need to post this. (now in like 6 threads)
  9. driftaholic

    Shops / Sellers (Good, bad, ugly...)

    redbullx83 ( Jonathan Carbonell ) Sold me s9 aero kit in June and has yet to deliver. Come to find out he has his car for sale on craigs and has no plans on either paying me back or giving me the aero I purchased. To top it off he's claiming I ripped him off so I deserve it. Here's proof he said he got his money back via paypal: Regardless I doubt he's going to try and resolve this.
  10. driftaholic

    Fuck you Im back!

    Car looks good with the aero I bought from you still on it now months later. Saw you were selling it craigs with the aero included. When you plan on sending me my aero bro. Do I need to drive to TX or just call the mail fraud detective back ive been talking to in FT worth. last chance to make it right
  11. driftaholic

    The new x83 track car

    I posted in shops/sellers feedback thread. And the only person to contact me was BFS. Paypal shows everyone else refunded. Yeah I'm totally funding this car with the $500 I made selling parts from my last huh
  12. driftaholic

    x7 Solid subframe bushings in stock?

    Give S9 some time it's worth the wait. He will be back and on top of things soon enough.
  13. driftaholic

    AE86 From Hell

    I've been wanting a 1UZ corolla as a daily driver since like 2000, Glad people are starting to see the light
  14. driftaholic

    The new x83 track car

    Here is a stack of new photos showing the progress on the X83 project. I'm so stoked, this car is going to dominate..
  15. driftaholic

    The Not so Hydro E-brake

    When you add that much leverage your going to increase the throw required to lock the rear. My question is how far do you have to pull it?