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  1. FINAL KONNEXION. . . . . . .


    Once I get a lil better, or dont have to learn on a track withh walls. . .












    poor hack I know, but its the best I could do at work withhout getting yelled at too much.





    **edit: SHIT forgot to put the door handle back in**

  2. supply and demand.. compare the number of 240 and Z owners who want to mod their car to the number of x8 owners that want the same thing. Though I hate to admit it, we are in the minority.


    Its also a case of squeaky wheel gets the grease; if people pester these companies instead of setting back and saying "there's nothing out there", maybe there would be more response. Thats why I shot an email to Tein too... maybe they can put their old JZX81 HA's back into production. Who knows?


    Another problem might be (from what I have heard) the lack of OEM or reman spindles/pearches for the x8 chassis, like the AE86 before Greddy stepped up withh their coilover. If a company doesnt have access to this part I would think they would be hard pressed to put a warranty on a part they expect you to weld yourself. Nissans are an easy one because the coilover comes off as its own unit. Even this can be fixed if a company has the right sources and demand. If they can buy in bulk Im sure they can get repo spindles/perches from either China or Brazil, it just takes money.

  3. on a whim I shot an email to Megan about x8 coilovers after I saw they make sets for odd cars... even the S12.

    Got this in reply:


    1st reply:


    "Thank you for the interest on megan racing product.

    As for the MX83 coilovers, i personally drive one as a

    daily driver. I have been talking to the factory and

    find out on when we can make some for these cars. So

    as we speak YES we are goin to be producing coilovers

    for the MX83."


    emailed back about style of coilover (full or weld on) and spring rates


    2nd reply


    "As for the coilovers, it will be a weld in kit to the stock spindle. The spring rates will be 12kg up front and 10kg for the rear. You will be able to modify the spring rates by goin up or down on kg...around +2kg/-2kg. as for my car its jus a clean x8. Please if you knoe anyone that would be interested on the coilovers, please tell them to email me..just to show that the Cressida community is active. As for the realese date not sure...may be 1 month or 2. Keep in touch withh us for further info..


    please post ont he forums about this"




    so Im posting on about this.. If anyone wants to get in touch like he offered, his email is:


    cyrus @ meganracing.com

  4. Just to play devil's advocate, if they can retail for $800 maybe its a good deal. True you get what you pay for but if they share the D2 warranty (d2 makes k-sport) of lifetime component replacement, it might be a good thing.


    I have D2's for my 240 that I bought new for $700. Its true that I have had to replace the struts 3 times in the last 4 years but I havn't had to pay for it.


    still wish I had bought Teins or something better.