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  1. I haven't had any movement in my X7 rack, but Mitch and I have had issues when ordering reman racks where they packaged X8 racks as X7. I doubt the manufacturer cares since they are so similar you have to look close to tell them apart.


    If you are having these issues, please get in touch with Xcessive. Parts carry a lifetime warranty. With the time and energy invested in the parts they they stand behind their product and are not happy unless they work correctly.

  2. and then do it different.
    With the blower in front of the turbo it sounded like a weed wacker.






    Also everything fed through the stock throttle body. By not having the throttle body before the blower, it was at full boost all the time, putting excess wear on the unit.




    when I was thinking about twin charging my JZ I wanted to feed the turbo into an M90 and then have that air pass through the frontmount.

  3. I registered for PARC Fest and cannot fucking wait!

    Before next event I need to plate off the gaps in my wheel wells. The inside of the car kept filling with tire smoke after every run and I had a killer headache by the end of the day.





    a bunch of Tandem pix
















    UZ Battle!