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  1. lucas

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

    Long video, Awesome day, bunch of X8s http://youtu.be/srFUX6p0af8
  2. lucas

    FS: MX83 Body Kits (Kei Flow)

    Good showing this last weekend. The Kits can take a beating.
  3. lucas

    Way too much fun to stop.

    Got the tune cleaned up a bit, spacers on the rear, a few sets of good tires and had an awesome time this last weekend. Hoping some good tandem pix show up of Mark and Me.
  4. lucas

    American style tuning:

    Killing it at PARC.
  5. Recirculated gate sounds awesome, and draws less unwanted attention. The open gate on my old 1.5j was fun at the track but got me in trouble a couple times on the street. This should be the new title for the tech section.
  6. Who is ready for round 2 this Sunday?
  7. lucas

    wtb 1jz soarer/chaser mt ecu

    I have a MT 4 plug ECU. where are you? I have not ran it but the boards look good.
  8. lucas

    American style tuning:

    Im digging it. Lets go drifting!
  9. you have such a hard on for those turbos.
  10. lucas

    3rd world mx83

    I like how this is going.
  11. lucas

    Tuner4life's 1991 Cressida Drift Build

    making me miss when my car was maroon. kinda
  12. lucas

    no oil pressure. HELP!

    are the lines for the filter plumed the right way? also take off the cam covers so see if you already smoked the motor.
  13. lucas

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

    Burgundy, Holset on a JZ. Its like I jumped in a time warp! Video from a couple years ago. Cant wait for next PARC. Hoping I can get my car back out there.
  14. lucas

    FS: MX83 Body Kits (Kei Flow)

    Sounds good.
  15. lucas

    FS: MX83 Body Kits (Kei Flow)

    bump added a picture that shows the front better.
  16. lucas

    X pics only!!!!

  17. lucas

    Random 90 shenanigans

    love the street pics. Fucking awesome.
  18. lucas

    build 1jz or use 2jz bottom on 1j head

    grab a NA 2j bottom end. High comp turbo 3L is fun. Mine was single turbo with only a SAFC on pump gas and I loved it.
  19. lucas

    Midnight Battle Station

    Pm me
  20. lucas

    Midnight Battle Station

    Car is looking good.