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  1. The name should have tipped you off.
  2. lucas

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

    I love Pats Acres. Shit load more pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.485992738169699.1073741926.321167974652177&type=1 And usually Toyota is in the majority.
  3. lucas

    Way too much fun to stop.

    I registered for PARC Fest and cannot fucking wait! Before next event I need to plate off the gaps in my wheel wells. The inside of the car kept filling with tire smoke after every run and I had a killer headache by the end of the day. a bunch of Tandem pix UZ Battle!
  4. lucas

    American style tuning:

    Some more pictures popped up.
  5. lucas

    Random 90 shenanigans

    I see what you did there.
  6. lucas

    American style tuning:

    that picture is getting some use.
  7. that would be sweet. Im hoping most PARCs will be like this. I think there are about 8 cressidas that frequent PARC and more being built.
  8. lucas

    Panic wire mx83!!!

    You two are just precious
  9. lucas

    Panic wire mx83!!!

    nice daily. and you do need a phone because, among other reasons, friends that want to invite you places are not going to email your ass.
  10. lucas

    Panic wire mx83!!!

    on a side note. Mark needs to get a phone
  11. I like it. Your friends have no sense of humor.
  12. lucas

    Panic wire mx83!!!

    Your car is your business card. You have a business based around tuning and modifying high performance cars. The fact that you have a 500HP drift cress that doesn't miss a beat carries weight behind you knowing your craft. If you bounced around in a used Camry it wouldn't be the same. I have a hard time supporting you getting rid of your car. But you know this. I say $14k because it has a badass kit on it
  13. lucas

    X pics only!!!!

  14. lucas

    Panic wire mx83!!!

    unless you're trying to buy a house, sell the mercedes
  15. I wish someone got good video of the 11 car train.
  16. lucas

    FS: Pair of Advan model 6's

    Damn. I wish the offset was better. I love oldschool Advans.
  17. lucas

    American style tuning:

    mark, just wanted to let you know: this picture is the title picture for the Pats Acres Drift Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pats-Acres-Drift/273145886114122
  18. lucas

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

    Weighs nothing and has a +200hp Beams. That car is FAST tandem with Mark
  19. lucas

    3rd world mx83

    all of this is great
  20. How thick is the metal on those mounts? I had every iteration of the JZ mounts on my car an never had a problem. There were cases of the first run mounts bending, and therefor thicker material (1/4" plate) was used on the second run. After running those for a couple years of constant abuse I saw no problems. If these are the thicker material I wouldn't worry about bending. That being said, yes you can weld in a brace if it makes you feel better.
  21. lucas

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

    this picture is awesome
  22. lucas

    FS: MX83 Body Kits (Kei Flow)

    hahaha, that would be awesome. He didnt get paint before the event. I think if its still unpainted next time I'll make him do that.