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  1. lucas

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    I love this car! Happened across your IG account and should have figured you were on here. The door handles are a great touch.
  2. Just gonna bump this, nobody has died yet. That car morphed into this (and I really miss the 19" RP03s): Then a few 1uz's blew up. I got, what I thought was going to be, a good deal on an LS build option so I parked the car for a bit. In the meantime the old X8 sat like this. For a long time. The whole LS thing unfortunately went sideways and I lost a lot of interest in the X8 and worked on other projects instead. A 280z got restored and my UZ powered X3 was built. Recently I picked up another good condition X8, stripped old blue of everything of value, swapped it to the new car or put it in storage, and sold the shell to an acquaintance. who in turn did a chassis swap with his built X8 and now the blue car is back on track like nothing happened with twice the HP as before. I'm hoping to start another thread as I can make progress on my new X8 but that will be slow to come. Covid has cut off the ability to work other than what can be accomplished in my driveway a day at a time, but at least I can still get things done.
  3. lucas

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

    still having fun in an X chassis.
  4. lucas

    WTB: 1JZ Cam covers

    those would work but are kinda pricey. maybe after christmas there will be some deals. thanks for the help guys.
  5. lucas

    WTB: 1JZ Cam covers

    lol Yeah, I should just stick to Chevy stuff in this country. I can get a set off YJA, but that's not really a route I want to take.
  6. lucas

    WTB: 1JZ Cam covers

  7. Ooh. I like that but doesn't really fit what I want to do with my car..... Okidriftjr should buy this. I'll help him narrow it.
  8. Anymore pix of this on the car? Original ones are not showing up for me.
  9. lucas

    WTB: 1JZ Cam covers

    Anyone have 1jz cam covers hanging around that they don't want? I'm putting together another 1.5j and one of mine is damaged.
  10. lucas

    X pics only!!!!

    Drove in Super D with the UZX32 I put together. Was fun. Will do again. Car still needs a bit of work.
  11. lucas

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

    Hahaha, thats Logan. He drives well when he's angry.
  12. lucas

    300kph+ JZX100, JZS171 (?) (!)

    found it. https://youtu.be/Z4dEKd4ANUM
  13. lucas

    Xcessive Manufacturing

    I'd say shoot a picture and a question to Rich. Maybe something can be done/figured out/suggested? That part is for the JZ which is known to pitch belts at higher horsepower but currently the need hasn't come up for the UZ.
  14. lucas

    Xcessive Manufacturing

    So your supercharger belt is slapping or your serpentine belt is slapping?
  15. lucas

    might sell the corona

    trade for a daily? http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/cto/5234602895.html