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  1. THANKS Derek for notifying me yet not giving me a link lol. I is live still. Please understand it.
  2. toycoma

    Crab Cab

    because you're a beast lol. what size were those tires anyway? 450 hp + little tires = that.
  3. i just meant a pic of a cress with a kit along with the wide fenders so we can see what it all looks like together.
  4. I think I would be in. 500 for wider fenders is actually cheaper then what it would cost to fix my rear quarter panel. I think we would need to see it with a body kit maybe?
  5. toycoma

    Japanese Buick Couture

    this thing is going to be so sweet once it is done. top notch work.
  6. toycoma


    shut the fuck up, get a life and worry about yourself. I didn't give up. I took my car off the road last year when the power steering blew for the second time in one month. Also the plant I worked at for over 12 years was closed down this past March and I have been unemployeed. I think drifting can be put on the back burner for the mean time until I am making money again.
  7. toycoma


    fuck seeing this thing slide. I want to see it blast through some tunnels at 150 mph or some retarded shit like that. G, you got any friends who own skylines or 350Zs or something so we can get to see some video of you blowing their doors off? Maybe video of you killing a big dollar mercedes or bmw m3?
  8. toycoma

    hang yourself

    love the wheel car color combo.
  9. toycoma

    Project filthy. I can has new chassis plz?

    lol. I love how it looks good even though it is smashed. and I am really loving the fog light for a head light. Too funny.
  10. toycoma


    lol. I wouldnt waste a JZ motor in this POS chassis. I would do a JZ in a cressida if it is a super clean car. And it would probably be a single turbo but with an auto trans and probably not get drifted. But it would have to be lowered. fuel interior and no cage.
  11. toycoma


    it doesnt need a JZ, just 4:10 - 4:30 gears since it does 75 mph in second gear when I run 225/45/17s on the back. that and all the rear hard parts plus subframe shit will help so much. Reguardless of all of that, I need a tow rig also and that isn't happening anytime soon.
  12. toycoma

    Autocross at some Scion Event

    Push, you are like AIDS for Cressidas...................
  13. toycoma


    no way, the sr was sold for 1700. The KOs.... you mean set #2 out of 2 sets every made and sold in the US to our knowledge??? Trash. All trashed. NOT. the car is still sitting in the yard rottening away waiting for me to get a new job and a new place to live and money to work on it. I need like, 1,000 right now so I can get another steering rack, do the steering mod that Mark came up with and buy all the rear sus parts. It'll be years before it gets back out for drifting. If it doesn't get sold first. Or parted out.