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  1. MolesterStallone

    Rav4 struts and strut spacers on mx83 question

    Jesus, I got a good deal on some wheels and tires and just wanted a cheap, more legit fix than cutting springs or something similar. Coilovers are 10000x better obviously, I won't argue that. I'll buy a set when I care about this car more than renoing my house and finishing my other cars. But at this time I'm just wanting to reduce some wheel gap safely and on the cheap so my work beater/ grocery getter doesn't look goofy. When I swap the car and start actually getting serious about it, coils it is, just wanted some clarification that searching wasn't providing me. I dunno how I'm bragging? It's quite clearly not the best option but will work. Some people may actually care to do it for the time being such as yourself "20 years ago" (more like 5) Gordo. Regardless I figured my original question out, thanks guys.....
  2. MolesterStallone

    Rav4 struts and strut spacers on mx83 question

    If I'm not mistaken, in my searching I seen you had an ma70 set up in the rear of one of your cars that "worked so good"...
  3. MolesterStallone

    Rav4 struts and strut spacers on mx83 question

    I answered my own question finally, since you posted you have never heard of this I'll explain the whole set up. Our OEM struts are rebuildable, you can undo a threaded collar and remove the guts of the shock. So for the front you buy a strut insert for a 96-00 rav4 that drops into your original shock tube, not a complete strut. You have to put a 7mm strut washer under this within your lower original shock tube for it to work as these inserts are 7mm shorter than the original Cressida ones. Your original Cressida top hats also work with these inserts. These Rav4 shock inserts are approx 50% stiffer and have about an inch less shock rod height for much better use and ride with lowering. The ma70 kyb rear shocks can have the lower perches swapped from your original struts and also use your original top hats with the hole slightly enlarged through them. These struts offer about the same 50% stiffer and inch less rod height for less of the shock travel lost when lowered. Finally, OEM s14 springs are a direct replacement for your factory Cressida springs and give you about 2" drop front and 2.5" drop rear. When combined with the above shock set up it makes an extremely affordable suspension upgrade i.e. kyb strut inserts are about $42 each, rear kyb ma70 struts are about the same at just over $40 each, and a used set of s14 springs can be had for next to nothing.
  4. I have been searching for hours and have not found an answer, what exactly is the 7mm strut spacer needed to do the rav4 front struts and where does it go? What is it's purpose? Does it just go under the strut tube itself to ensure it bottoms out in the lower mount for the knuckle? Getting ready to do the rav4, ma70, and s14 combo and wanna make sure I have everything right and ready to go. Sorry if this is hidden somewhere on here already but I definitely couldn't find it. Also the threads I have found give a non existing part number for the rav4 kyb struts. This is an issue because apparently the 4door with 16" wheel rav4 and the 2 door with 16" wheels/4 door without 16" wheels have a different length shock (two seperate sets of part numbers). So would anyone also know which option of the shocks is the one to use?