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  1. Kyal

    JZX81 MARK II ---> JZX100 CHASER.

    Yeah was playing with pressures all day. Starting from 20psi and going up from there. The rcas are home made I'm thinking. The surface area the mount too on the knuckle is next to none. They also have no dowel pin for the factory recess into the hub, and that's where it snapped.
  2. Kyal

    JZX81 MARK II ---> JZX100 CHASER.

    Yep aswell as a rear sway bar, all on the cards!
  3. Kyal

    JZX81 MARK II ---> JZX100 CHASER.

    So did morning sesh yesterday out at Queensland raceway Was interesting. Almost hit the wall twice first up, the car has HEAPS of under steer, Any thing more aggressive than a hand brake entry washes the front out. Super frustrating, so gonna splurge when i can and get some super sticky front tyres and a new align to hopefully help with this. Apart from that car was faultless untill the last hour when i managed to snap a bolt in my knuckle rendering steering usless (wishbone front end), deciced to call it a day and made it be able to steer with a hose clamp to get it on the trailer. Here is a vid from of my shitty driving, last clip it when i managed to snap the bolt. A mate had a look and said my RCA's look super shit, and they were probs stressing the bolt for the knuckle, so ill get some good machined billet items! and here is a heap of photos:
  4. Kyal

    JZX81 MARK II ---> JZX100 CHASER.

    I just found another set in japan, pretty keen on them. Got the tyres fitted on the xt7's have another pair for skidders. Forgot they had glow in the dark stickers so thats pretty cool. Managed to fix my bucket seat too, it was mounted with some real shit adapters and was on the piss. So sits straight now and doesn't wobble about. We have a local track here that does events every week, super small (old go kart track) but technical enough for some fun, still yet to drive it but they have a full day event coming up (instead or their normal half day) so i might head out and drive that.
  5. Kyal

    JZX81 MARK II ---> JZX100 CHASER.

    I did basic things like 25mm lcas knuckles arms and stuff. But the whole car just felt flimsy. If i could redo my time i would have pulled every thing out from underneath and re bushed the whole car and welded in bracing, that more than likely would have helped. The age of the car didn't help my decision to buy a newer car either as i wanted something newer with better creature comforts.
  6. Hey all, Started off with a jzx81 Mark II Went full retard and tried to chase power instead of making it drive good. I had a drift day coming up and i really hated the 81, so i bought this and slowly parted the 81 Then 4(?) days later i did this Put my minervas on all round went driving with friends threw my seat in finally Did some more driving Put some Jay Z on my JZ Did the usual knucles/uprights/rear arms and got some cute tail lights then got done by the cops so decided to pull it off the road and clean it up a little. sold the minervas and bought a set of chrome xt7 and a pair of exsol's getting tyres fitted to the xt7 tomorrow so ill have some photos then i guess. Mod list for anyone interested - Factory R154 5 Speed - 3" Stainless Turbo Back Exhaust Hi Flow Metal Cat, Lukey Hi Flow Muffler, Cannonball Muffler Rear - Greddy Cooler Kit - Greddy Suction Pipe - BLITZ Supersonic Pod Filter - BOV Blocking Plate - Earthing Kit - Upgraded Clutch - TRD 2 Way Diff 4.1 Ratio - Solid Rear Diff Bushes - Koyo copper core rad (stock size) - Suspension and Breaks: - DG5 Coilovers w/ Swift Springs 18/12 - TRD Front Strut Brace - DO-LUCK Floor Brace - Cusco Front Under Brace - Kazama Rear Toe Arms - 30mm Front RCA’s - Dixel Slotted Rotors Front - Dixel Slotted Rotors Rear - Endless Braided Brake Lines Front - Endless Braided Brake Lines Rear - Project Mu HC+ Brake pads Front - Project Mu HC+ Pads Rear - Motul DOT 5 Fluid - New longer rack ends - New tie rod ends - Shortened knuckles done by Danny T - Shortened uprights done by Danny T - Dmax rear lower control arm - New superpro steering rack bushes (not installed) - New superpro castor rod bushes - New Front Hubs - New Front bearings - Interior: - Alpine Head Unit - Pioneer Splits - Pioneer Amp Kicker 12” Sub - Mark 2 Tourer Floor Mats - OEM Optional Trunk Carpet - TRUST Gear Knob - ‘Broadway’ mirror - Velo GP90 Bucket seat Exterior: - S2 Front bar and Lip - Stock side skirts - S2 Rear lip (needs paint) - eyelids - Stock Toyota Rear sun visor - HID Headlights - Custom made LED tail lights. - LED Parkers - LED Driving Lights ( in Fog Lights ) - Front 18x9 +30 Uras exsol with a 15mm spacer - Rear 18x9.5 +20 chrome XT7 - 18x9.5 +30 Chrome XT7 for skidders Plans are to get some panel damage on the rear fixed thanks to some gnarly delam. Vertex front lip and skirts. Change some inteior bits that are worn etc. Might even get crazy and up the boost from the stock 10psi to 14psi (doubt it though lol) and a video of my average driving.