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  1. Unicron

    Back to Life

    Primed. First coat of colour down. Paint is Toyota Deep Jewel Green Pearl (6P3), factory paint on the LS400 and Supra before being superseded by Imperial Jade Mica (6Q7). The 2 are similar but I rather the Deep Jewel Green. After a few more coats and then clear. The chrome trim had faded out, so I resprayed them in something a lil more lively.
  2. Unicron

    Back to Life

    Well it's been a year since I got this car, so I figured I'd make a thread on the updates so far. Been looking at getting a 4 door drift chassis of some kind for a while, wanted something to drop a JZ into, and I've always liked older toyotas - my pops had a 1981 Crown back in the day too. Plans are to JZ swap it and get it driving again. As I bought it. It's a 1988 GX81 Mark 2 Hardtop, it was running when I bought it, but not in driving condition - the brakes had seized and it had rust. And one of the previous owners painted the interior blue. These don't go up for sale often around here, plus we have a 12 year import ban on vehicles - only vehicles 12yrs and newer and eligible to be imported. Any others that show up for sale usually either have worse rust or some other issues. The first things after buying were stripping it apart and removing the 1G, then dealing with the rust. Chopped the rusted front end out Cut out the old rockers and welded new ones. New front end tacked on. Welded and primed.
  3. Unicron

    Sleeper MX83 build

    Nice find, those clusters came out of GX81s with a 1G-GE engine. Rarely see anything off those cars show up.
  4. Unicron

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    I can relate, just ordered a new windshield for my gx81 and it shattered. fml
  5. Sweet colour! Is that Deep Jewel Green Pearl by chance?
  6. Unicron

    WTB X80 Parking Brake

    Center console is just flat. After the auto shifter it's just got one huge pocket. And I managed to get hold of a handbrake assembly and center console of Yahoo Auctions recently.
  7. Unicron

    WTB X80 Parking Brake

    I'm kinda new to yahoo auction, not even sure how auto extend works actually.
  8. Unicron

    WTB X80 Parking Brake

    Thanks man but I got outbid in the last second, guess I'm back to looking again.
  9. Unicron

    WTB X80 Parking Brake

    Roughly $45-50 for the handbrake assembly only & $85-90 for the assembly and center console.
  10. Unicron

    WTB X80 Parking Brake

    PM'd Kyle but didn't get any response as yet. Still looking for one btw, if anybody's got.
  11. Unicron

    WTB X80 Parking Brake

    I know it was terrible, but not even a 5 for effort?
  12. Unicron

    WTB X80 Parking Brake

    Yup, already posted an intro last month.
  13. Unicron

    WTB X80 Parking Brake

    Doing a manual swap on a car originally equipped with a pedal park brake, so I need a center handbrake assembly for an X80 car. Also looking for a matching center console in brown. Thanks.