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  1. 250 obo plus shipping. Comes with fork. Have flywheel as well for an extra 50 bucks hmu 972-900-3303
  2. nojuan_here

    Money pit build

    I might but then again they’re still good. Cut costs there. Just got this thing: Borg Warner S257sx-e .83ar Now I can look for a manifold and wastegate.
  3. nojuan_here

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    Texas thangs...
  4. nojuan_here

    Money pit build

    A few more things picked up along the way. Seems like my money goes down the drain soon as I have some saved up. My dumbass decided to get married too. WTF was I thinking. This house is getting to me lol Fucking Cressida is never going to get done at this rate. Damn thing just sits in the garage most of the time. Also need to find a replacement A/C fan. Have to hit the bottom side of the glove box to get it working half the time. I picked up a used AEM EMS v2 along with a patch harness for the 1J wiring harness (which I still need to modify/repair) I also scored a pair of Recaros out of a Mk3 Supra TT R, need new seat covers though.
  5. nojuan_here

    Wastegate location

    Looking at getting a Drewgo 1JZ turbo manifold for next to nothing. But the wastegate flange is up top. If I put my 44mm tial wg is it going to hit the firewall?
  6. nojuan_here

    Money pit build

    Welp... I'm still alive sadly. I got a new job in March of 08. Left Acura and decided to make some real money. Fuck flag rate. Even as a master tech for Honda and Acura dealerships still don't want to pay shit, and they wonder why they can't find good techs to stick around. Anywho. Cressida is still 7M sadly. I had saved up a bunch of money from new job. Could've had the swap done by now but I got a double cab Tacoma and sold the Civic Si. And I purchased a house. 3 bed 2 bath 2 car garage (all to myself no kids or gf and/or wife). Things done to the Cressida as of late... replaced rear portion of driveshaft, u-joint fucked up, also wore out the original diff mounts and the car squeeks when I let off the clutch due to rubber mounts being worn out. Have some replacement ones coming from XM. Sold the Work mesh wheels and got some cobra reps. Sprayed peppermint oil in engine compartment since I saw rat footprints in the engine bay last week. Replacing the steering rack soon as well, inner tie rods are worn out and the rack is leaking. 1J still sitting in my garage. Buying the house drained my account along with moving and initial home repairs. Now that I'm settled in my house I can start saving up and continue with my swap.
  7. nojuan_here

    WTB: mx83 diff cover & fan shroud

    I have a spare fan shroud but it is broken in half. Could patch together with zip ties or jb weld.
  8. nojuan_here

    WTB center driveshaft bearing

    I threw mine away too. Haven’t done my swap yet and won’t for a while. Need the stock one in the meantime. Bought an aftermarket replacement and squeeks like a mf.
  9. nojuan_here

    WTB center driveshaft bearing

    Need to replace mine. Looking for one out of an auto.
  10. nojuan_here

    Wizard People, Dear Reader

    This your listing? https://dallas.craigslist.org/ftw/pts/d/toyota-7m-ge/6553981507.html Hey I might actually see you around more often. I got that gig at Lockheed in Ft. Worth.
  11. nojuan_here

    Money pit build

    I've already got a Torsen diff and 4.1 gears swapped in thanks to Gordo last summer. Aesthetics over performance? Different strokes for different folks. Self loathing? I've got plenty of that, the Cressida is just the cherry on top. Gay dad? Must've been a diddler.
  12. nojuan_here

    Money pit build

    I know. I know. But then how are you gonna get with my mom if I'm dead? Gonna be a while before the 1J goes in. Gotta have some sort of backup vehicle for when the 7M blows again.
  13. nojuan_here

    WTB: MX83 Audio Control Panel

    I will get pics as soon as it stops raining. How soon do you need it? I am leaving the country for two weeks Thursday. Might be able to ship tomorrow. PM me.
  14. nojuan_here

    Money pit build

    Well I am officially unemployed at the moment. Quit my job at Acura. Going to Central America for a couple weeks and start my new job when I get back. In the last few weeks I've gotten another daily for my new commute for my new job. A 2004 Honda Civic Si. Came with a total rice package when I got it. eBay build, coilovers, broken and leaking catback, knock off wheels, and billet rear lower control arms. Since I've gotten it I've replaced the catback with an HKS Hi-Power catback, Tein street basis coilovers, 17"Honda Factory Performance wheels. So much for just a "daily driver". Not that anyone cares. As far as the JZ swap. It's going, slowly. Got all new Toyota seals top to bottom. Had the head sent out to get cleaned up, new valve stem seals, etc. New 2JZ water pump swap and modified LS400 fan clutch setup were ordered and still not on yet. ARP head studs were installed when I got the head back. Front sump swapped. Also had the valve covers powder coated. When I took off the turbos I realized that it sucked taking them off and would hate to have to do it all over again. And as it stands I will go with a single turbo setup. Might as well. What's a couple more thousand dollars at this point? Need to decide on which turbo to go with so I can order a manifold and whatnot. Might go with a Borg Warner. IDK what size yet, would like something that doesn't take an eternity to spool up and make boost. Something streetable. Borg Warner probably, seems like the rage nowadays.
  15. nojuan_here

    WTB: MX83 Audio Control Panel

    I have a spare one if you still one.