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  1. fapl0rd

    WTB: mx83 diff cover & fan shroud

    If you can get your hands on two fan shrouds send one this way. I'm in SoCal as well.
  2. fapl0rd

    Current working's X8 Knuckles

    Glad to see anything to keep the X8s alive! Please do post updates.
  3. fapl0rd

    Curse of the Cressida

    I like how the gauges are mounted! a lot less obnoxious than I thought 4 gauges would look
  4. fapl0rd

    Different Kind of Battle Wagon

    Sometimes I get sad I didn't get an IS over an mx83
  5. fapl0rd

    número tres

    Cleanest free X8 Ive seen in a while. Looking forward to seeing the 1jz go in
  6. fapl0rd

    WTB: X8 rear subframe

    You got me there
  7. fapl0rd

    WTB: X8 rear subframe

    Mine took a dump, looking for a new one to reinforce
  8. fapl0rd

    Jzx100 overheating

    Haha for reals we need a "super saloon" mini, but car manufacturers build to sell not for fun
  9. fapl0rd

    Jzx100 overheating

    I was actually looking into either a Previa or 4Runner to buy as a second daily driver..
  10. fapl0rd

    Jzx100 overheating

    Ehhh I go to school full time, participate in varsity athletics, VP of the real estate club, all while working.. fixing my shitty X8 is my relaxation time can you blame me 😅
  11. fapl0rd

    Jzx100 overheating

    It was 39.95 plus tax! Working two minimum wage jobs you have to cut costs where you can
  12. fapl0rd

    Jzx100 overheating

    Just to put an end to this topic, yeah it was air bubbles. Spent the money on that ridiculously expensive Lisle spill free funnel and it works 10000000x better than my shitty duct tape thickness funnel. Moral of the story don't try to be cheap
  13. fapl0rd

    Jzx100 overheating

    I'll try bleeding it again. I did it for a good 15 minutes last night, but my head assery has no limits. I'll report back later.