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  1. Mal136jzx81

    The (Amazing) x8 Amazing build thread Amazing

    What did you use to paint the interior , it looks really good from the photos!!, i like my navy blue , but i prefer black if i could do it and make it look clean!
  2. Mal136jzx81

    Sleeper MX83 build

    good stuff man keep it up!!!!
  3. Alright so i have a 1jz-r154-1992 cressida aka mx83, i have all supporting mods (injectors ,built r154, spec 700ft lbs rated clutch , 1 piece driveshaft, subframe reinforcement plate, full suspension, coilovers , and 67mmm turbo, power goal for the 1jz is 700 to the wheels!! What i have so far:: 2 walbro 450s(e 85 rated) im running a -8 e85 rated fuel line for the feed and using the stock -6 feed as a -6 return! i have all fuel fittings and everything I need to know how everyone running their dual pump setups? please help i have no idea if both walbros 450 will fit together in the main fuel pump hanger hole , it doesnt look big enough for both pumps, can anyone share photos? or has anyone ran dual pumps on a mx83 , and if so how? please share & help! ( I ALSO HAVE TONS OF MX83 PARTS, BLUE TINTED SUNROOF WITH PERFECT, NOT CRACK OR SCRATCHED BEZELS, FULL INTERIORS(GREY AND BLUE), DOOR HANDLES , STEERING WHEELS, ETC)