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  1. OversteerBrothers

    1.5JZ JZX100

    HAHAHAHA!! Kyle and Gordo will love this ^^^^
  2. OversteerBrothers

    1.5JZ JZX100

    look at the boyfriend to the rescue <3 <3
  3. OversteerBrothers

    1.5JZ JZX100

    too much dick sucking references too even consider. Wrong site, try gayporn.com
  4. OversteerBrothers

    1.5JZ JZX100

    Everything said is true... definitely not built, imported the car from Japan to my country(Curacao) back in October 2015. Car came with a Broken R154, and an engine that needed a full rebuild. HKS coilovers which all four are seized, hence the "RoRo shipment" Height ( i liked that one). Long story short, bought most of the JZ parts from Driftmotion (New bearings, Rods, Oil pump, complete gasket kit, Crankshaft) and rebuild the engine. Bought a new R154 from RHDJapan and got the car running. Car initially came with Rays wheels, but didnt like them, so i swapped them with the Work VSS i had on my S14. Meanwhile im piling up suspension parts so i can set the car at a proper height. Will post some more pictures of when i got the car till now so all members can Double tap or LIKE.
  5. OversteerBrothers

    1.5JZ JZX100

    This is my JZX100 Chaser. Under the bay it has a 2jz Block with a 1JZ VVTI head Combo. A Massive T88-34D Greddy Turbo for whenever it is urgent to get to the Grocery Store. This is My DriftMachine. If you want to see some videos of it in action, Head over to my Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyZStHtomHy-WEYJCC7fCeQ
  6. OversteerBrothers

    X pics only!!!!