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  1. corner lights are in a box already. they are in good shape though, not cracked or dirty. i can open the box if you really need a photo of them.... they are included though.


    i have posted it above for $500usd plus ship but lets say $300 plus ship now. my space is valuable and it takes a lot of it. shipping probably wont be cheap though... the hood is big and heavy (steel). probably two packages.

  2. you should just be able to close the bottle valve too. no need to pull a regulator.



    I get the "smart top" bottles from Air Liquide and they have a lever to open and close the bottle.... mainly because its easy as hell to see if they are open or closed. pretty sure you need the big boy argon tanks though for them and not the little hobby tanks.

  3. it leaked out?


    you using a $5 Chinese welder?


    I can forget my bottle open for like a month and it will still be full... worth looking into... especially if your welding gas coverage is as shitty as some of the other welds ive seen on here recently. if its leaking your probably getting oxygen in your covering gas and your welds will be forever grey and full of impurities. hose is cheap and so are the fittings.

  4. its all the way.


    basically all I have left is jzx bumpers, cresta front conversion, electronics like boost controller and the gauges as well as the jdm ae86 steering wheel.


    the shell with interior bits is gone now, dude grabbed it and might use it, so I am rid of it.

  5. buy that one then.


    It claims stainless... you and I both know there are different grades that technically qualify.

    China doesn't do the best stainless. Even the 304 stuff I have used isn't that great compared to the North American industry supply.



    the 2jz GE flange was requested by me from another fabricator because his import flange didn't fit properly.

  6. Gordons point is that JZXP wouldn't want me to make a few bucks in profit vs buying elsewhere. The product is the same cost to you in the end, im not listing it at $125 here and $100 somewhere else.

    I said to send me a message if you wanted one, im human, I know people want the best prices. On the inverse, I look for good prices too when im the purchaser.



    That said, the fee paid to eBay is to get the traffic. no different than paid advertising.

    If I have the same thing and offer it here, facebook, instagram, eBay, other forums, etc you get the most amount of eyes on it. Putting it on these sites is effort on my part which is time. If you added up the time I spend doing that, at $9 for a 6 cylinder flange, my time is the extra fee vs just loading it to ebay and waiting for their market to sell one or two of them for me.


    Think the way you want though.

  7. in the last post I suggested going through ebay.

    you want them here, send me a message. i think i have sold 2 or 3 things on this site and i don't visit every day anymore so i can miss PM's (that's why i suggested going through ebay).


    I would mark them higher on ebay to get the same profit, but the optics of having it $110 vs 99 will reduce the amount of sales im able to get. 10$ more profit wouldn't cover a loss of several sales.

  8. Slowly parting this thing out.


    Will be rolling out pricing in the next week or so when I get time to dig into it.

    email m.moore13@hotmail.com for details on specifics or for a shipping quote.

    Located in Ontario Canada.

    1JZR154 5-Speed from JZA70. With OEM refreshed shift bushings

    Bully Stage 4 R154 clutch with OE flywheel and release bearing


    Driveshaft shop Steel R154-MX83 cressida 1 piece driveshaft

    MX83 Cressida t1 Torsen with proper output flanges $350 plus ship. Will open pumpkin to confirm torsen and drain fluid prior to shipping.

    MX83 OEM Clutch type differential

    SerialNine SSD coilovers. 10k/8k rates

    SerialNine Roll Center Adjusters

    Excessive Engineering Knuckles (with ackerman)

    1988 MX73 reman Steering rack with energy suspension bushings – quick ratio version

    Z32 front brake kit for x8 Cressida - Racing Brake high carbon slotted rotors with hawk hps pads (only a few thousand light street km’s on them). Z32 brake adapters for mx83 and iron z32 calipers.

    Z32/jzx100 rear brake kit for x8 cressida - AP Engineerng JZX100 slotted rotors, z32 alloy calipers, steel brake caliper adapters and Hawk HPS pads

    Rear uprights. ARP extended studs, Brand new OEM Toyota parking brake assembly (pads, springs, hardware), new OEM toyota lower control arm bushings $275usd plus ship.

    JZX81 Cresta front end converted for x8 cressida bolt on. OEM headlights and grille, Cressida Modified fenders and Cresta Hood with Monkey Magic Drop vent molded in. locking aerocatch hood pins. Will ship at the expense of the purchaser. $500usd plus ship.

    JZX81 front bumper $350usd plus ship

    JZX81 rear bumper $350usd plus ship

    Greddy shift knob $90usd plus ship

    SPA Design 9000rpm Tachometer $300usd plus ship

    ARK Design MFD with oil press, oil temperature and boost sensor package $500usd plus ship

    AEM wideband analog with sensor $150usd plus ship

    Autometer digital readout programmable fuel level guage (calibrated for MX83 tank) $100usd plus ship

    Buddy Club Bucket Seat. $250usd plus ship

    AE86 leather steering wheel $180usd plus ship

    Borg Warner EFR7163 vband inlet/outlet for EWG

    TiAL MV-R. brand new in box with all springs and clamps $340usd plus ship

    IGN1a coils (qty6)

    MR2 brake booster with AN6 fitting welded on

    Clutch pedal from X8 with master cylinder $175usd plus ship

    Varrstoen 17x9 wheels. 17x9+30/+22 stagger with a pair of new Dunlop DZ102 in 255/40/17 and a pair of scrap RE760 in 245/40/17.

    Wilwood proportioning valve $25usd if included with another purchase

    O.G. Walboro 255 in tank pump $30usd plus ship

    HKS EVC4 boost controller $200usd plus ship

    clutch fan for 1jz vvti $30usd plus ship

    50mm bolt on wheel spacers with 60.1 hub bore $80usd plus ship (qty4)

    PLUS i have a nearly complete interior, and the car is rust free if you need something like a front subframe, oem control arms, etc.

    I have found a freight company for canadian shipments of the larger body parts. If there is an interested party i can do international shipment of body parts too but its expensive.