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  1. -the last 5/8" of bump is taken up by the bumpstop, so it will never bump this far. -the seal will likely roll to some extent. suspension being functional is more important. -Some of the bushings will be stock. Once the car is running again that will change. no care to keep throwing money at a parked car that should work a fraction better though. im sure you can relate. -The staggered wheels aren't here to stay and Im building my fenders for a square 18x11 front and rear with tires that actually fit. The order of operations for finishing the rest of the build are as follows and I hope not to deviate. 1.Intake manifold - Complete 2.Turbo manifold 3.Exhaust system 4.Cooling system (intercooler, A/C condenser, rad modifications + lines) 5.Engine wiring, auxillary sensors + ECU configuration 6.Speedway blade swaybar + suspension setup Fenders are a time filler while I'm in between waiting for things/money for the above. The only big items I still need to buy in the above is the Link ECU, a few sensors, wire and injectors.
  2. There is just enough space for the door to seal. I have no problem with how far it's cut. There is only 1/4" more travel on the shock without bumpstop with the insert maxed out in the lower coilover mount with a 25.5" tire. That gives about 4" of bump clearance from the ride height your at battle. I will be cutting more off the back... so some bushing play under acceleration (be it positive or negative) wont cause it to hit the front/back. if it hits the road in 2021 im all for it. heres to hoping its before that.
  3. Guess your old and forget. I'm not spoon feeding you. Go back and read again.
  4. Didn't get flanges in to do manifold work so I decided to work on this. Time to translate into a real part
  5. shlammed

    When it's halfway out........start to giggle

    My car now has a wideband. it bounces around either side of 14.7 at idle once warm on stock ecu. you have proven my point, while trying to be argumentetive. in batch fire the latest and greatest ev14 would not run lean on batch fire in low load zones. if I was able to lean it out more than 14:1 I would have. Once up above 2krpm I could run the car in low load zones up to 16.5:1. The car drove well and had good fuel economy (better than stock fuel economy when I was able to drive like a normal) but it wasn't because of the idle cells.
  6. shlammed

    When it's halfway out........start to giggle

    Yes, I had ID725's on my old car and it ran batch fire. It had good idle properties other than it wouldn't hold a steady stoich. Depending where you live, that's not good. We have sniffer emissions testing in Ontario and I would never have passed an e-test with it. The tune was really good but as you leaned it out towards 14.7:1 it wouldn't idle as well as flat 14:1. that was a 1.6L 4 cylinder.
  7. bottom mounted turbo. the heat isn't in the way of this line.
  8. Been a bit slow getting around to doing anything for myself. Built two Miata manifolds over the last month and getting the fixture in place to finish the 1j manifold i started (which I sold). Now I only have to finish the 1J manifold and another Miata manifold before i can get back to my own stuff... or until i get an email to build another manifold for myself. The batch of turbo flanges and some special bits for my exhaust are at the laser guys. Pics: Took my VVTi manifold weld block to the local machinist for a surface skim. Probably the last time i use them. price was right, but the finish isnt any better than i could have gotten on my small mill/drill. I finished the holes with the above drill/tap. This morning I woke up early, made myself a new -10an oil drain fitting for the EFR turbo. EFR7163 Indy motorsport vs CT15b.
  9. shlammed

    When it's halfway out........start to giggle

    OKI gets it. everything until the ecu is good. the ecu will still work... but its just meh. there are better. Fuel economy will suck but generally we don't really care that much. what will suck is if you get massive injectors and want it to idle like stock.
  10. shlammed

    When it's halfway out........start to giggle

    your batch spark and fuel? it works, sure... but why not get something that can handle the proper squirts. its 2017, not 1995.
  11. shlammed

    When it's halfway out........start to giggle

    especially the 1200 modular. it only has 4 ignition and 4 injection outputs. batch fire for life I guess.
  12. shlammed

    When it's halfway out........start to giggle

    what made you want adaptronic?
  13. shlammed

    When it's halfway out........start to giggle

    They have the same wheels?
  14. shlammed

    Pearly whites and black metal

    Kit looks good, I like that its not so common and lets you actually drive without scraping all over the place. Saw discussion on Instagram of color choice. Is the grille/front bumper fitment good with the Chaser stuff once you get it fully mounted?
  15. That's a nice little snail. Lmk if you need a manifold that isn't driftmotion
  16. shlammed

    Want: Oldschool HKS Super Sound BOV

    Hey Bill, I bailed on the bachelor party, I wont be in the area any more. If you want I can send you the cash for the swaybar still though. I will make an effort to get to the Ottawa area soon to swap stories spit though.
  17. shlammed

    Doriboat JZX73

    @whoremouth... get a clutch delay valve like the drag racers use?
  18. The Indy turbos don't have EWG or the bov built in. not sure the truth to it, but I read that the SXE compressor housing may work with EFR to rid the bov and ebc provisions.
  19. Small turbo, 26psi max. https://imgur.com/gallery/Gnmzb
  20. shlammed

    Want: Oldschool HKS Super Sound BOV

    JZXP coming through. Thanks Rinthal! Gordo, you have a similar era boost gauge? 1.8Bar or higher? I found an aircraft style, panel mount HKS boost gauge on YAJ but it had several wires in addition to the vac source and I didn't want to risk it requiring some weird controller box.
  21. shlammed

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    D1-SL required diff breather catch cans back in the day that I used to read rule books. probably not a bad idea for a drainback catch can with a vent on top of that, provided you have space.
  22. shlammed

    Phresh off the boat X110

    not questioning your size or why you chose them. I will be using something around your size (750's). 7m I believe are the same spec as 1j vvti too. going from memory, they are 11mm upper, Denso cushion and ~60mm long between centers.
  23. shlammed

    Free stuff from eBay game

    I also hear "not as described" does the same thing with no real reason or follow up needed. Buddy who runs yonaka exhaust and stuff said it happened to him.