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  1. google helped me out. didn't know that site existed until I google image searched z32 Cressida and found what I wanted to show.
  2. Here is a great resource I found on the brake upgrade for you. http://cressidaforums.forumotion.com/t246-brake-upgrade
  3. Do you mean the adapters? The calipers look like z32 stuff. front rotors are z32 with a hubcentric adapter to center it, the rear iirc are x100 or x110 rotors. that makes them work with the Cressida parking brake. im sure you could make z32 rotors work too, but im not sure of the offset of the z brakes compared to the x100/110 rotors and I would wager the z brake rotors have a different drum size. the brackets look like a hunk of steel with 4 holes. (sorry, no pics... but they are super basic looking) The rotor stuff is on my list of crap to look up. I would like to put together a 2 piece front rotor system that doesn't have the adapters, with wilwood bits (hat, rotor, hardware) and I would like to find a rotor that I can use in the rear that I don't need to order from another continent. I do plan on tracking the car so brakes wear out and ordering from japan isn't that cool when you need something.
  4. Im fucking with you dude, I think Bill and I have very similar styles. Im in discussion with Adam at Feast auto group (since he helped me import my last car and it was painless) to try and find some "period correct" seats to replace the torn leather buckets. I think we have narrowed it down to Recaro LX LS type. It will probably have to wait for a bit now since the stuff that popped up for the safety (bushings and front tires) dug me into the seat budget. Having a 6 month old at home and the wife off work for maternity leave make things a bit tighter. If I can get a few more fab jobs in the fall I will get the buckets and some new wheels for the spring. Im having a hard time finding something close, but I was thinking CCW classic 2 piece would be a nice fit for the car. For now, its a new to me car. I want to drive it roughly as is this summer and tidy up things that need to be done. like the ducting, bushings, and other stuff that pops up with a 26 year old car.
  5. shlammed

    Tuner4life's 1991 Cressida Drift Build

    type 1 or type 2 gordooo?
  6. shlammed

    Tuner4life's 1991 Cressida Drift Build

    just weld some sheet metal to the bottom of the rockers and flare it out.
  7. shlammed

    Clutch fan shroud. 1jz

    I have a pretty cool hood vent already guys. And a vented grille Matt Cressida by HellaFab Fabrication, on Flickr The under tray is the ducting I'm talking about.
  8. shlammed

    Clutch fan shroud. 1jz

    whats stock operating range? the car is happy at 86celcius most days, goes up to 93celcius on hot days and when I brought it home it was 32celcius ambient and it got up to 98celcius on the highway. conversion: 86C=186F 93C=200F 98C=210F 200 isn't bad, but that's just daily driving. If I was doing any kind of event it could get bad. 210 is pretty hot, and that was cruising at 120km/h (75mph). no real boosting, just cruising steady state. If I had a stock temp guage, it would probably be stuck in the middle the whole time... but the digital dash shows me real temps. another data point, I recently put a 0.9 bar stock rad cap back on. the 1.5bar rad cap pictured above was causing minor seeping from the rad hoses. Temps haven't changed since I changed that though. This is why Im registering/driving the car for a while before I get too invested in mods.
  9. shlammed

    Clutch fan shroud. 1jz

    I don't think the car would have any issues with a fan shroud and ducting. ducting I can do. fan shroud I can do too, but if the stock one fits I can go to the wrecker and pick it up for free and save a few hours. I will be doing a rad at some point, but I want to drive the car now. im sure being a 26 year old machine im going to have to change a few parts as I drive it.
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    Clutch fan shroud. 1jz

    Cressida by HellaFab Fabrication, on Flickr
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    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    define 100% running...