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    Exhaust Manifold flanges. 3/8" 304 Stainless

    jzxp is broken and I cant paste since forever.
  2. shlammed

    Exhaust Manifold flanges. 3/8" 304 Stainless

    Have 2jz GE and 1jz non-vvti flanges in stainless up now too... amongst other engines that you guys don't care about. They are on eBay for those who want one.
  3. shlammed

    Sleeper MX83 build

    back into the turbo piping meaning the pre-turbo inlet pipe, right? you don't want the catch can seeing boost.
  4. when he had it, there was a lot of in-car with him sliding it around on the street, for what its worth.
  5. shlammed

    nĂºmero tres

    mail me this lump now that you have a real X8
  6. you know that you fuel the way I post here, yeah? half of the stuff I say is to fuel the fire. Consider the title of the thread.
  7. will be able to keep the next one more simpler.
  8. shlammed

    Money pit build

    Thanks for adding value to the consideration. If you could identify the connector, most all connectors are available through TE. buy 100@ $0.1 and sell them on ebay for $8.
  9. shlammed

    Money pit build

    OE quality ignition coil plugs are like $0.1 in bulk so $10 is a pretty hefty markup for someone selling on ebay. you will be fine.
  10. I didn't read any of that. hope you feel better though.
  11. shlammed

    Sleeper MX83 build

    hey nice tools. I don't give advice, that would require talent on the receiving side.
  12. shlammed

    Need advice on buying JZX90.

    its pretty cheap if your willing to do some work yourself though. when I bought a jdm car (10 years ago) shipping with roll-on, roll off is ~$1000 port to port. much better than a shipping container where they ghetto stack cars and dent roofs, damage panels, toss in a jdm engine, etc. shipping within the states has to be cheaper than within Canada, but I paid $800 shipping from Vancouver port and had the car delivered to my door in rural eastern Ontario Canada. finding a broker in japan im sure you can luck out or ball out.... in my case it was roughly $500 for him to bid and get the car into the port for me. Beyond that I had to have some Japanese documents translated for $80 being that it needed a special seal of approval and normal inspections for registration. Importers are making a killing. there is a reason they are making money and its because people are lazy. its just a ton of emails and a few money transfers and 2 months later a car shows up at your door.
  13. shlammed

    Midnight Battle Station

    block/accessories and valve covers need to not match to get the popping effect you want.
  14. shlammed

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    get a slightly oversized centrifugal supercharger and run it to the maximum with a wastegate on the charge pipe to control boost. a lot of road racers and cone dodgers do this. I could see it being helpful if you had a traction issue, but that shouldn't be a problem for these big cars.
  15. bondo is a brand. one that sells terrible product. two options for X8 fenders... ZAZZ which are ugly and give good tire clearance (clearance into the door) S9 which look good but don't give enough clearance into the door area. meant for stretch tires
  16. lol if you think bondo is even an option you guys are the ones the are fukt. bondo is crap as a product. there is no need to mould the sides in. some work with a finishing disc and it will fit well.
  17. shlammed

    Sleeper MX83 build

    that stuff isn't as easy as buying the parts
  18. hey sweet. little fiberglass work to the s13 trim line and it will fit like it was meant to.
  19. The overs are being fitted to allow me to sell the shell as a roller or put the shell in a barn for the next stage of my life when my kids all grown up and I have time and money to waste.
  20. if you pull the stock trim (something like an S9 trim delete) these will fit perfectly. that said, the s13 trim line does exist and would need to be glassed. smooth. That is a pretty wide setup. you can fit the 18x11 et15 wheel options with a real 295/30/18 tire on it. That picture is a 17x9 with 255/40/17 spaced to match that 18" wheel spec. You can run less offset in the rear, but if you wanted that width front and rear without stagger that is the spec you will have to run. It looks real good in person.
  21. shlammed

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    $5k? did you get the sr20 with it?
  22. https://imgur.com/gallery/xqBHP
  23. PM sent. $750cad plus shipping for hood with drop vent, aerocatch locking pins, conversion fenders (hybrid of Cressida and cresta fenders so it lines up at the door/trim and the corner lights) , lights and grille. bonus point they have the fender markers. M