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  1. shlammed

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    would it be any easier to adapt the s chassis r200 or the larger one from the Q cars (R230 or something)? then you know you have a strong diff too, axles you can chop and sleeve if they need to be modified but then your also into diff mounting and driveshaft.
  2. shlammed

    Cressida parts...

    corner lights are in a box already. they are in good shape though, not cracked or dirty. i can open the box if you really need a photo of them.... they are included though. i have posted it above for $500usd plus ship but lets say $300 plus ship now. my space is valuable and it takes a lot of it. shipping probably wont be cheap though... the hood is big and heavy (steel). probably two packages.
  3. shlammed

    Cressida parts...

    sure, lets get it gone. its taking up space in my garage.
  4. shlammed

    Sleeper MX83 build

    you should just be able to close the bottle valve too. no need to pull a regulator. I get the "smart top" bottles from Air Liquide and they have a lever to open and close the bottle.... mainly because its easy as hell to see if they are open or closed. pretty sure you need the big boy argon tanks though for them and not the little hobby tanks.
  5. shlammed

    Sleeper MX83 build

    it leaked out? you using a $5 Chinese welder? I can forget my bottle open for like a month and it will still be full... worth looking into... especially if your welding gas coverage is as shitty as some of the other welds ive seen on here recently. if its leaking your probably getting oxygen in your covering gas and your welds will be forever grey and full of impurities. hose is cheap and so are the fittings.
  6. shlammed

    Wizard People, Dear Reader

    Chris, sometimes adding a little value does help sell things... surprisingly. specifically when people use filtering to be say $50-300. your $30 part is out.
  7. send me the downpipe and I will make you a nice one in the same geometry if you want a nicer part. don't blame the user on the welding rod type. you can weld stainless with er70s2 no problem if you know how to weld, and you can do mild with 308. its not correct, but it shouldn't look any different.
  8. shlammed

    Wizard People, Dear Reader

    post it for $30 worth of scrap metal for free and it will be gone. leave it in the driveway still to avoid a ticket.
  9. shlammed

    Cressida parts...

    its all the way. basically all I have left is jzx bumpers, cresta front conversion, electronics like boost controller and the gauges as well as the jdm ae86 steering wheel. the shell with interior bits is gone now, dude grabbed it and might use it, so I am rid of it.
  10. shlammed

    Cressida parts...

    updated OP with whats left.
  11. shlammed

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    215/45 is a rubber band man.
  12. shlammed

    WTB: MX83 rear lower control arms

    just post your price gordo, stop being sketchy.
  13. shlammed

    Exhaust Manifold flanges. 3/8" 304 Stainless

    buy that one then. It claims stainless... you and I both know there are different grades that technically qualify. China doesn't do the best stainless. Even the 304 stuff I have used isn't that great compared to the North American industry supply. the 2jz GE flange was requested by me from another fabricator because his import flange didn't fit properly.
  14. shlammed

    Exhaust Manifold flanges. 3/8" 304 Stainless

    to anyone interested, I suggested ebay anyways. its a well oiled machine and works great. not sure what gordos problem is besides not being able to hold a job. his attitude probably contributes.