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  1. Brett7777

    This is the bestest forum ever !!!

    I think i hav finally found the goal of all these years of self discovery. And here it was, right in front of me on the internets. A forum full of retarded idiot imbeciles ! WOW !!! THIS PLACE IS THE BEST THING EVER
  2. Brett7777

    1JZGTE VVTI Standalone Options!

    The options for standalone I know of are Link, VPI, VEMS, Megasquirt, and of course apexi power fc. Or put a pre tuned in like Mines, Blitz access, or KS-ROM.
  3. I'm sure you know that these cars run rich from the factory. And that a tuner can check a/f ratios at high boost.
  4. Brett7777

    any of u dikheds put ur dik in a x90 auto?

  5. It's unlikely i will get any useful info here but Im posting up everywhere else so may as well include you inbred redneck retards. Does anyone here have any worthy JZX90 1/4 mile times with stock (untouched) turbos? By worthy I mean anything from the 13's to the 11's. The car can have other mods. Need location, date, time and speed. More details the better. The world's fastest stock turbo JZZ30 runs 21.5psi and ran 11.51 @ 122mph. That car is here in NZ, the previous record holder was an Australian car. I'm collating a speadsheet so a world record for the stock turbo JZX90's can be established and then competed for. Now, troll away...
  6. Ok. There's no info here that I want anyway. You dont have any helpful hints about ecu removal or steps to getting more power of a jz in a jzx90 so this place is pretty useless really, unless you just like a bit of pointless banter. Dunno why you call it jz project because i cant see anything of worth here anyways. Where are the projects? Where are the 1/4 mile achievements? Just a bunch of inbred rednecks who probably own Honda Civics as far as I can see.
  7. wow thanks for the help guys !!?! you are all awesome !!?!!!
  8. My mom passed a few years back, so I guess I'll go read them myself and see what I did wrong
  9. Brett7777

    X pics only!!!!

    This is mine at the drags